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In depth Muzmatch (mainly) and online dating review

2020.09.24 19:06 nextuser001 In depth Muzmatch (mainly) and online dating review

Now, this will be a non-positive review but I want to say, there are many genuine people on the app (muzmatch/MM) and many people do find someone sooner or later. But the overall theme of the app, for me, is bad. I’m a very analytical person and made a number of observations which I have not heard beforehand when I was reading around before deciding to use it.
I’m a guy. I used MM and also two dating sites. I used MM for 2 months. The following is not just for appearance but in terms of success/education and religiousness also; I’d describe myself as a solid 7/10 and easily 8/10 depending on the type of girl at the other end. I hate describing things in such a manner but for the sake of this review I will from time to time use this method as it’s hard to get the point across otherwise. This review will not be about me really, but I felt I should give my experience with the app/dating sites as I am writing a review.
I’ve had a several weeks where I had 1 match a week and several weeks where I had around a dozen matches a week. I live near a large western city. Based on our conversations, only 2 proceeded and I’m in touch with them and am seeing how it goes. And I have deleted the app and regret using it. For me, the process of finding someone was always, always about compatibility on a deeper level and thankfully there are people like that out there, but this app is DESIGNED to make it about competition.
Well look, dating is always going to be about competitiveness and comparisons, but I found dating sites in general and the app MM more so, to greatly accentuate these qualities. The real winners in this game are not the males/females looking for a relationship but the app and brand that is MM. Of course, many people do find love, someone compatible, and will continue to do so, but I’m speaking about the overall… aura and feel of the process. The app is specifically designed in a way to be addictive, to make you question your self-worth (both male and female) and draw out money from people.
The more competitive the apps/dating sites are, the more money they can draw out from people as the search for someone, turns into a race for someone.
The market in the online dating game is generally skewed towards having more males than females. This is especially the case in western apps like Tinder simply due to one glaringly huge reason: males who want casual sex. There are more men on MM but you’d have to be really dumb to use MM to hook up with people, it may even work but probably rare. I don’t know the stats but it’s fairly obvious in this day and age especially, 90%+ (rough estimate) on the app MM are looking for a relationship.
So why are there more men? Because that skews the whole playing field, statistically the are more or less similar number of Muslim males to females in the west. One reason is, the age range, men in the 20-35 age range are interested in women in the 20-25 age range (rough estimates), so even though in real life the stats are balanced, in the sites and apps there is more of a leniency towards younger women going for older men. Another reason is due to the how reserved our cultures are still towards women, so many Muslim women – their parents arrange something whereas for men, their parents arrange something for them but they are also most likely on the online playing field – something which many parents still might not be comfortable with for their Muslim daughters. There are likely other reasons, but these are the ones I picked up upon after reading around.
Why are the stats so important – well because it creates a negative feedback loop. Men sign up, message a few women, those women already have a ton of interest, the new men realize women can be picky, and they too start spamming likes or messages. And so that makes women even more picky because more men are interested etc etc.
Women aren’t cold, heartless, picky creatures by choice. Many a times I’ve read how picky women are on these sites/apps. Here’s the truth: they don’t have a choice; they are not in charge of that decision. It’s hard to take each man’s interest too seriously when you know for a fact that 80%< of them liked a hundred female profiles before you and probably will continue liking another 100 profiles after yours. Can you put yourself in their shoes and see how it’s hard not to not take men seriously once you realise that you are one of hundreds of likes? Again – this is a feature of the app, it creates a vapid, shallow playing field with these purposefully designed tricks – it is slightly better on dating websites because you generally have to send a message plus if it’s generic it’s obvious. But with the app you HAVE TO like or dislike, and so women on these apps open their app after the weekend and when they see 300 likes on their profile they can’t help but think… men are so ‘thirsty’ – I hate that word but again, words like that go hand in hand with apps like these. And then certain number of men will pay to like more profiles, to send more messages – again, the app is winning by creating competition and superficiality.
I know I’ve mentioned this before but I will again, someone might be reading this rather negative review but they found someone compatible – had a decent experience – I’m speaking about the overall process and what it is like for probably the majority of people.
Another point I have not seen before is, people always say, the vast majority being guys, that it effects the confidence, based on reading around it’s clear men aren’t happy with the amount of times the likes or messages are reciprocated. But confidence issues don’t just effect men but women also in a different way – all the females see all the male profiles, they see all the 9/10, 10/10 type guys (again, religiously, financially, physically or a combination) and they want that. They really do and it’s not pleasant when the guy isn't interested or loses interest. As those guys are also picky. So on many female profiles you will see ‘only serious people’ or ‘no time wasters’, this always makes me cringe because if this is a big issue all they are saying is that they generally like really high profile guys, who aren’t serious or just wasted their time – erm… they are speaking to other women and became disinterested. Same goes for guys, some guys do mention how people on these apps or sites aren’t serious – they are, most Muslims on Muslim dating apps, want to be in a relationship, they were obviously speaking to more than one person and only one person makes the cut. There are creeps as well who genuinely waste time or aren’t serious but let’s be honest most Muslims on Muslim dating apps above the ages of 23 especially, are looking for a partner.
Again, people aren’t vapid, people aren't so hyper focused on getting the best – these apps trigger these qualities. We weren’t evolutionary designed to scroll through a thousand different potential partners where you get 3 seconds to make a decision on each one. In real life, in real social settings, we are designed to talk with and meet one person at a time, and if we decided to meet them, we will likely spend some time talking. That’s natural, that’s genuine – of course this isn’t feasible in the western world where it’s hard to meet other potential Muslims. Women are picky on the dating sites and apps – but it’s like this. Pizza is delicious, when someone meets someone form the opposite sex of a similar age and similar interests, there’s chemistry, pizza is delicious. But if you have to choose between 400 different types of pizza, all of a sudden only certain types of pizza’s look appealing. I say this because a lot of guys especially on this reddit sub and in general forums take it to heart and don’t have the mental acuity to see that, it’s not that most women wouldn’t be interested in you as a person, it’s that they are not interested in your website or app profile because there are hundreds of others, it’s a highly unnatural way to genuinely make a connection – although of course it does happen and people do find the love of their life, the app certainly works.
I wanted to write this, precisely because I feel many people don’t understand that the dating experience online (app or site) is highly unpleasant but it’s due to the playing field and the rules and how it’s set up. There is nothing wrong with the vast majority of people who can’t find someone or develop a lower sense of self worth. My advice would be try and meet another Muslim in real life where you can make a more genuine connection right off the bat, or at least use matrimonial sites where you write out your whole profile and girls write out theirs, and instead of it being a competition, a match maker joins two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I don't want to end on this because it sounds like an ad for matrimonial services hahaha XD, but seriously do anything, whatever else, just avoid the app, dating sites are slightly better but less Muslims.
This was a review, I don't personally want a discussion - other people can freely do so, if I said something that offended someone in some way, I'm sorry. Over and out.
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2020.09.23 21:23 ar_david_hh Sep/23/2020 news: \\ education reforms: Armenian language \\ liberated Anvakh outpost \\ MFAs clash \\ Armenia-Saudi relations \\ job & salary stats \\ real estate grows \\ EU sends $ \\ BHK officials \\ Amulsar activists \\ police & cadastre reforms \\ mask ads \\ Yerevan vs illegal construction

"the importance of the newly liberated Anvakh outpost"

The govt released a video: in July, without a single shot, Armenian soldiers took the [Anvakh] position that was under Azeri control. It has long been a big security threat to nearby residents of Armenian Movses village. Although this position is within Armenia, Azeris attacked it but were thrown back.
Why is Baku taking the loss of this position so painfully?
First. This has left an important Azeri outpost on nearby Mt. Kharadash vulnerable because the only road that leads to it is under Armenian observation; it's right next to the new Armenian position.
This Azeri outpost on Mt. Karadash, which is now isolated, is very important for Azerbaijan because it's the tallest point that oversees several regions in Azeri Tovuz province, and Armenian Chinari village.
Second. There is a growing nationalist movement in Azerbaijan, and since Aliyev couldn't retake the lost position, it damages his reputation. The Azeri govt has fallen in their own trap that they set by making militaristic threats for years.

Azeri media is accused of word game / MFA Lavrov

Armenian MFA says: // Russian MFA Lavrov made a "standard" comment about the Karabakh negotiations, the 5 regions, etc. Azeri media twisted his words and presented them in a one-sided way. //
Russian MFA later told reporters to read their direct quote instead of its interpretation by a third party [Azerbaijan]. ,

Armenophobia in Turkish newspapers

Hrant Dink foundation examined articles written by 500 Turkish newspapers in 2019. They found 5,515 instances of hate speech towards 80 minorities.
Armenians were the primary target with 803 instances, followed by Syrians with 760, Greeks with 754.
Yeni Akit, Yeniçağ Diriliş Postası were the worst offenders.

will the relations with Saudi Arabia normalize? / Signals sent / Middle East expert talks Turkey-Saudi-Armenia relations / Salman's Vision 2030

Azerbaijan, Turkey, Yemen, and... Saudi Arabia? These are the Asian counties without diplomatic relations with Armenia. Saudis are among those who won't befriend Armenia due to the Artsakh conflict for the sole reason that Azerbaijan is a Muslim state.
However, Saudis sent congratulations to Armenia on Independence Day on Monday. At first King Salman, then the Defense Minister. They wished "progress and prosperity" to Armenian people.
This is the second time they've done so. The first message was in 2018. The mutual trade remains low, however, at "few hundred thousand dollars a year."
Economist and Gulf states expert Minas Hanskehean explains: there is a significant and sharp shift in Saudi foreign affairs in favor of Armenia. There is a geopolitical confrontation between Turkey and Saudi. Erdogan wants to revive Ottoman "rules" and present himself as the Sunni leader, but Saudis don't like this.
Saudis had good relations with Qatar, then Turkey sent soldiers to Qatar.
When I was teaching economics to Saudi students in Riyadh in 2015, at the time, Turkey was viewed as a great, successful, and a model state. Then it all changed in front of my eyes. Riyadh's mayor directly instructed Sheikhs not to invest in Turkey because "Turkey is robbing you on daily basis." The most popular state-run newspapers would print anti-Turkish articles daily.
This isn't the only reason why Saudis want to normalize relations with Armenia now. It's part of their new strategy to make new friends, including in the Caucasus. They subsidized tourism to Georgia; it would cost Saudi citizens as little as $300 to travel there.
Saudis will celebrate their national day on September 23rd. Armenia should not only send congratulations but also an invitation for Saudi MFA or the Prince to visit Armenia.
The Armenian diaspora is very small; around 300 people. Mostly migrated from Syria, Lebanon, other Gulf states, and a very few gold experts and teachers from Armenia.
There is rapid social progress in the country. Prince Muhammad bin Salman wants to change the public mentality. It wasn't just allowing women to drive that they have done lately. It's part of their "Vision 2030" which also envisions Arabia without oil.
They want to dedicate land size of Armenia to develop tourism. They spend astronomical sums to import food, but our products aren't in their market. We should improve relations and establish a trade office in Riyadh.Սաուդյան-Արաբիան-փոխում-է-Հայաստանի-հանդեպ-նախկին-քաղաքականությունը/395710Սաուդյան-Արաբիան-երկրորդ-անգամ-շնորհավորեց-Հայաստանի-Անկախության-տոնը/395681
Tags: #SaudiArabia

China's new embassy in Armenia

"China wants to strengthen relations with Armenia," said president Sarkissian who was invited to the newly built Chinese embassy, which is the largest in the region. He discussed technology and science cooperation with China.

U.S. company wants to build a global center for technology solutions in Armenia

High-Tech Minister Arshakyan met the American SADA Systems founder Hovik Safoyan, who wants to utilize Armenian tech talent. Details about the project will be revealed soon.
"This is like fresh air, a new approach that has not existed before. The government sends a signal that Armenia is not a country for charity, but a center for creating new companies and opportunities through mutually beneficial cooperation," said the founder.

how post-Soviet dictators prepare their sons as next leaders

Russian blogger Varlamov made a video about how dictators of Belarus, Azerbaijan, etc. involve their sons in politics and slowly prep them as their successors.
The video mentions how BKH leader Gagik Tsarukyan gave 4 white lions as a gift to Nikolay Lukashenko (son of Alexander Lukashenko), how Ilham Aliyev changed Azerbaijani law to promote his family's power and how he "advertises" his son Heydar, how Tajikistan's dictator's son was recently elected as the Parliament speaker, etc.

speaking of Gagik Tsarukyan...

His "voter buying and financial crimes" trial was supposed to be today but he didn't show up "despite being notified". The judge could have continued the trial without him but he chose to postpone it until September 25th.
(There is a big opposition rally on October 8th and the ruling QP party earlier accused Tsarukyan of trying to match the rally date with his trial for more "impact".)

BHK MP Naira Zohrabyan's interview w/Russian outlet

Lragir writes: // BHK MP Zohrabyan is complaining that "Vestnik Kavkaza" Russian-language outlet twisted her words. She had to call them to demand a correction. "Is Zohrabyan even aware of this outlet's anti-Armenian record?"
In the interview, the MP also told the outlet that it's the Pashinyan administration who caused a deadlock in the Karabakh peace process and that it has no vision for resolving the conflict. This was actively used as propaganda by Azeri media. //

police arrests environmental activists after fight

Police report says: // we got a call about a big fight in Gndevaz (not far from Amulsar, where Lydian wants to mine gold). The environmental Activists berated miners who expressed willingness to mine in Amulsar. Mamas were cussed.
Both sides gathered near Gndevaz to "talk". It escalated into a 40-minute physical and verbal fight.
One of the Activists then threw a rock at the oncoming car's windshield and broke it. His friends followed suit. Items were gathered as evidence. Three Activists are under arrest. Stay calm and respect others' rights. //

journalists criticize a court ruling / "bad precedence"

A group of media outlets: // Lori TV reporter was assaulted in 2017 while documenting how construction crews were laying asphalt under the rain.
The court verdict to acquit the suspects [due to lack of evidence and statue of limitation] is disappointing. They had twisted the journalists' arms, punched her, and deleted the footage. This verdict sets a bad precedence. //
The journalist will appeal the verdict.

Armenian State University of Economics board

... decided to suspend classes until their acting-rector Diana Galoyan is officially approved by the govt as a permanent rector.
The previous rector was forced to resign after an Education Ministry agency found plagiarism in his doctoral dissertation. His replacement, Diana Galoyan, was also caught with plagiarism, but another Education Ministry agency overruled those plagiarism findings to give her a green light.
Her approval process hasn't been finalized yet. The university wants it done ASAP because they like her and "she is apolitical and independent."

police reforms

Recently the govt passed a bill to create a new police division with better-trained officers, better equipment, uniform, etc.
Someone has to teach those recruits. The future teachers are currently being taught how to teach the recruits. They are being aided by the U.S., EU, UN, and OSCE.

real estate market is reviving

Property transactions dropped during the pandemic's uncertainty and hardship. Looks like it's active again.
Cadastre Committee chief: +6.3% YoY property transactions in August. The lifting of physical restrictions helped the rise. +39% in rural areas. +7% in provincial cities. Yerevan had fewer transactions, however. The prices are -1%.

reforming the online property database system

Cadastre Committee will revamp the website and provide easier access to property locations. The street naming scheme will abide by the same rule so you won't come across a difficulty with finding "Khachatur Abovyan" but not "K. Abovyan".

COVID stats

+2256 tested. +220 infected. +350 healed. 268322 tested. 3617 active.
Artsakh president's spokesman David Babayan is infected. ,

mask-promoting ads

The govt has purchased ad space on 40 billboards for 1 month to display ads that promote the wearing of a mask.

Norq Hospital employees to be rewarded

Norq infections hospital played a major role against COVID. They didn't receive special rewards on September 21st, unlike some of their colleagues. They sent a complaint letter to the govt.
The govt responded saying over 100 Norq Infections doctors will soon receive the awards, in addition to 12 who got it earlier. ,

Artsakh sends gifts to the U.S.

Medical products made in Artsakh were donated to the Chevy Chase surgical center in Los Angeles, which has a history of helping the Artsakh population.

Asian Development bank will provide $2m aid

... against the COVID fight.

Europe will provide $35m aid

... to reform the judicial system.

Europe will give another $35m aid

This one is for overcoming economic difficulties caused by COVID.

IRS provides job and wage numbers

There were 618,000 taxpaying jobs as of August, which is up 5,000 from last month, and up 13,400 from last year.
Salary-per-job-position went from $390/mo to $420/mo.

Yerevan is being sued by ex-oligarch Lfik

Mayor Marutyan has been recently forcing ex-officials to free public lands that they "illegally occupied" with "illegal construction".
Ex-HHK businessman Samvel "Lfik Samo" Aleksanyan is now suing the capital to cancel one such decision that affects his structure on Շրջանային փողոց.

new bill could end the legalization of bootleg roof extensions

Those disgusting-looking things that people build on their apartment complex building roofs for "extra room"... currently they can be legalized.
A draft bill by Justice Ministry could keep them illegal.
Interview with an architect:

education reforms / Armenian language

The opposition ARF, BHK, HHK, Hayreniq are against the upcoming education reforms and have accused the Education Ministry of anti-Armenian conduct and "destroying traditional values, Armenian language, History, etc."
Education Ministry: // the proposed reform will increase Armenian Language class hours from 650 to 718 in Elementary, from 850 to 863 in Middle, and from 500 to 571 in High school. //
The reform bill is still open for suggestions on the govt website.
More about the bill:

Armenian Language & Armenology classes

... are now being subsidized by the Education Ministry in twice as many foreign educational institutes, per 2019 reforms.
10 schools and universities in 8 countries are receiving financing to teach Armenian language, history, and culture.
The first-ever joint Armenology research was subsidized with two European institutes.

birth registration reforms / less runaround for parents

The Justice Ministry reformed the law about issuing a birth certificate. Beginning in March, seven birth clinics enrolled in a new program to establish one unified office on their premises that will provide several services such as birth certificate, child aid enrollment, paternity certificate, etc.
The program will expand in provinces soon. It has already helped 3.7k out of 5.3k babies born in Yerevan since March.

Le Dîner de Cons / now in theaters near you

Armenian-French producer Francis Veber created movie classics such as Dinner With Idiot (The Dinner Game), Խաղալիքը, Ձախորդները, Հայրիկները.
On the scale of 0-10, zero is the chance you haven't seen at least one of them. But why not watch a performance in person?
Vanadzor's drama theater will perform The Dinner With Idiot, directed by Sargis Manukyan. He believes the public needs some comedy after the pandemic.
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Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
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2020.08.28 19:18 IdolA28Augl Its G-ay Millionaire Da-ting Nh

Its G-ay Millionaire Da-ting Nh
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
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2020.08.28 18:07 HaulA28Augl Most Popular G-ay All Da-ting World

Most Popular G-ay All Da-ting World
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2020.08.26 14:02 sugardatingsites Find Love Easily With Niche Dating Sites

Find Love Easily With Niche Dating Sites
The term "niche" sounds like it was borrowed from the business world. After all, you are trading in a specific niche market. Niche dating sites are a new trend in online dating and have become popular because they are an easy way to connect with like-minded people or find specific types of people you want to socialize with. Before we start enjoying the benefits, let us first understand the meaning of a niche dating site.
This will help compare with traditional online dating methods. When dating online debuted, these sites were all-inclusive. This means that managers accept people of all ages, marital statuses, and races. It also allows people from different countries to register on the same dating platform.
Niche dating sites are sites that specifically target specific groups of people. They are selective in their membership. On this basis, there are different market segments. They include:
Premium website only
Websites for individuals who are single or married or divorced or widowed
Websites belonging to people of a specific faith, such as Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Muslims
Gay, lesbian and bisexual website
Vegan website
Site for sports lovers
Places where individuals are prohibited from cruelty to animals
Rich, rich and affluent website
The aforementioned categories are just a few of the niche dating sites. There are many online dating sites that can meet the needs of the citizens of a country. For example, only sites in Ukraine, Russia, Latin America, Brazil, and Asia. Some are centered on specific occupations.
So, what are the benefits of niche dating sites? there are many. Although the membership is limited, it provides enough partners for you to choose from. Because these sites cater to people who belong to a certain age group or country or have the same religious beliefs as you, they eliminate the guesswork about dating. You don’t have to be curious about the types of people you associate with, because you have a rough idea of ​​his profession, his preferences, his beliefs, and opinions. Therefore, you do not need to peruse thousands of member profiles to find someone who suits you. Instant messaging and chat are some of the features it provides to simplify communication.
Find the right niche dating site
The process is roughly the same as registering for other dating sites. You can start your search by finding the top 7 or top 5 dating sites in the market segment you are interested in. It is important that you build a reliable website that protects the privacy of its members by protecting the private and confidential information shared on the network.
Each site requires you to fill out a registration form before you can use its network and services. On some websites, membership is free, while on others, you must pay a nominal fee to access the service.
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2020.08.22 19:36 biggreekgeek Flatten the Curve. #50. PART 1. Jeffery Epstein & Espionage. Peter Thiel & Carbyne. Isreali Surveillance Tech & UAE. China Uyghurs Dentions & Erik Prince. Human Rights Watch; Similar Tech in China & Carbyne. Carbyne in the USA 911 SYSTEM. Michael Chertoff: Wrote Patriot Act + Carbyne Director.

Read Flatten the Curve Part 49. Link Here
Headlines. A line designed to get into your head. And it works, judging by the amount of circulation of conspiracy posts that help move those headlines that masquerade as revealing connections, but are merely propoganda headline clones being disseminated.
So lets get ahead of the lines before the lines get into your head.
Humans have two primary modes of communication; verbal and nonverbal. Nonverbal is body language. Body language on it's own can give you insight. Pairing verbal and nonverbal gives you the whole picture. Headlines are verbal. The content is nonverbal. That's how you get a glimpse of the bigger picture. But we can't look at each article as a completed part of the communicative process. That would be like only watching hand gestures while having a conversation with someone. The article isn't the subject, the event is the subject, and if the subject was person, then we have to find as many articles as we can to profile the body language and interpret the nonverbal communication.
Let me show you what I mean.
Offender Conspiracy Article Profilingcriminal article profiling, is an investigative strategy used by law enforcement agencies conspiracy theorists to identify likely suspects hidden motives and has been used by investigators conspiracy theorists to link cases subjects that may have been committed by the same perpetrator. Multiple crimes may be linked to a specific offender event and the profile may be used to predict the identified offender's conspiracy's future actions real intent. Criminal Profiling Here
And then.
Nonverbal communication (NVC) Multiple Article Profiling (MAP) • is the transmission of messages or signals through a nonverbal platform multiple article content searches (MACS) such as eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture, and the distance between two individuals, article source, differing information, dates, pov, and the connections between the sources. It includes the use of visual cues such as body language (content), distance (dates) and organizations/politicians, corporations, law enforcement, environmental issues, economics, and technology/AI. Original NVC Content Here
I have no doubt that the actors who have advanced copies of the script are using data algorithm aggregation that compiles the different content sources into a complete picture for them. We plebs aren't so lucky, we have to peruse and parse multiple sources to connect the dots. In essence, we are the plebs living in a technofuedal era before the invention of the modern Gutenberg technopress for the masses.
So let's throw on some work boots, grab a shovel, and start digging.
The Hacks and Muckrakers.
May 18, 2018: Vanity Fair • “We just got back from the Middle East,” he told a room full of Israelis, upon arriving in Jerusalem from Saudi Arabia last May. Source Here
May 22 2017: Slate • The President Just Told a Room of Israelis That He “Just Got Back From the Middle East” Source Here
Trump. The man's Presidency has come at a time where it's all starting to fall apart. And I can't help but think of Trump as Julius Caesar part two. A populist leader who threatened the establishment and upended the republic, paving the way for Augustus Caesar and the soft introduction of Roman empire, as it let the pretenses of being a Republic fade away. If you aren't familiar with that time of history, I would highly recommend doing so. There is more to my comparison that I'm not elaborating on, except to say, if you dig you will find someone else who loves Roman history, looks like a clone of Augustus, and we watched as he made rounds while articles suggested that he had aspirations of becoming President. Do I think that it'll happen soon? Probably not. History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. And we're only at the start of the Hollow Men by T S *Eliot *.
December 14, 2016: Techcrunch • President-elect Donald Trump met with some of the most prominent executives from the tech industry today at Trump Tower, with investor Peter Thiel and Vice President-elect Mike Pence at his side. Trump opened the meeting with CEOs from Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and others by thanking Thiel for his support. “I want to add that I am here to help you folks do well. And you’re doing well right now and I’m very honored by the bounce. They’re all talking about the bounce. So right now everybody in this room has to like me, at least a little bit,” Trump said, perhaps in reference to the fact that he received little support from Silicon Valley during his campaign. “We’re going to try to have that bounce continue. Perhaps even more importantly, we want you to keep going with the incredible innovation. There’s nobody like you in the world. There’s nobody like the people in this room and anything we can do to help this go along, we’re going to be there for you. You’ll call my people, you’ll call me, it doesn’t make any difference. We have no formal chain of command around here,” Trump said.
Interesting, wouldn't you say? No formal chain of command around here. They thanked Peter Thiel for his support. Ok. Maybe nothing, maybe something. Ok. It's something.
August, 2018 Articles: • Trump claims Google is suppressing positive news about him. • Trump: Facebook, Twitter, Google 'have to be careful'.
Stop the presses, because were getting squeezed and pasteurized. The tech leaders meet with Trump. They thank Thiel, suggesting that he organized the assembly. And then Trump starts bashing the Technocrats that he's meeting with? Nothing but Bread and Circus. Plain and simple.
June 27, 2017: Tech Transparency Project • No other company in America was as intimately tied to the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party during Barack Obama’s eight years in office than Google. Today the company is doing everything it can to restore the same cozy White House access it enjoyed under President Obama. Eric Schmidt has attended at least two meetings with Trump and attended a third White House meeting with tech leaders last Monday. At the same time, The Groundwork – a secretive Schmidt-funded startup that ran the Clinton campaign’s data operation – recently relaunched itself as a technology platform for liberal organizations working to fight the Trump Administration’s agenda. By all appearances, Google appears to be working overtime to both ingratiate itself with the Trump Administration while simultaneously cashing in on the “resistance” to Trump’s agenda. Source Here
By all appearances? He's working both sides? Trying to cash in? Really? Seriously? Let's break that down.
** 2020 • Eric Schmidt/Net worth: 15.3 billion USD. Call me crazy, but I don’t think a guy with 15 billion dollars is worried about "cashing in**". As I've stated numerous times, this is no longer about money, it's about control. That's imperative to understand. You don't worry about the money hidden under the mattress when you have a locked vault full of cash. Money is only an incentive for those who either don't have it or need more of it. Neither of those categories apply to Eric Schmidt.
So lets examine how badly the Tech guys and Trump aren't getting along, shall we?
March 2, 2016: Defense News • Google Executive Schmidt To Head New DoD Advisory Board. Source Here
Ah. He's working for the Pentagon to make it better. And this happens almost a full year before meeting with Trump. This doesn't look like someone playing both sides, this looks like a team player in a game that only has one team. This is political wrestling that would make Vince McMahon envious. If you want to dive deeper into how Eric Schmidt funded the non profit that started fake news, here's a previous Flatten the Curve post. Part #19
Attendees included Eric Schmidt and Larry Page of Google, Tim Cook of Apple, Satya Nadella and Brad Smith of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of Amazon (who expressed his excitement that Trump’s administration could be “the innovations administration“), Safra Catz of Oracle, Chuck Robbins of Cisco and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. Thiel’s business partner, Palantir CEO Alex Karp, attended as well.
Those are big names and big companies. But they all hate Trump, right?
Thiel has been instrumental in shaping Trump’s approach to technology, helping assemble a list of candidates for technical roles in the upcoming administration and reportedly bringing David Sacks and other long-time associates to the transition team. During his speech at the Republican National Convention, Thiel talked about spreading the prosperity of Silicon Valley to other regions across the country and cited space travel as one of America’s great technological achievements. “Instead of going to Mars, we have invaded the Middle East,” Thiel said.
I should point out that Thiel and Musk started PayPal together.
November 24, 2019: Business Insider • What do the founders of YouTube, Yelp, Tesla, and LinkedIn have in common? Apart from leading massively disruptive technology companies, their founders all share a common resume line item: employment at PayPal. Known for their entrepreneurial mindset and anti-establishment attitude, this elite group is known as the "PayPal Mafia," and they all put in time during the payment platform's early days some 20 years ago. Source Here
Oh. And Pete's instrumental to creating Facebook. Thiel became Facebook's first outside investor when he acquired a 10.2% stake for $500,000 in August 2004. He sold the majority of his shares in Facebook for over $1 billion in 2012, but remains on the board of directors. And he funded Hulk Hogan's lawsuit to take down Gawker. Told ya, it's just political wrestling to entertain us.
However, one of the biggest proponents of travel to Mars, Elon Musk, has also been one of Trump’s most outspoken critics. Musk donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and frequently denounced Trump, saying that the former reality television star “doesn’t seem to have the sort of character that reflects well on the United States.” But since the election, Musk appears to have warmed up to Trump. He was a late addition to the invite list for today’s meeting. The transition team also announced this morning that Musk will join Trump’s strategic and policy forum, a group of business leaders that will serve as an advisory committee to the president-elect. Source Here
Musk and Trump, a marriage made in heaven. It's destiny, I tell you, destiny. Or an act (don't worry Elon, I haven't forgotten about you) designed to make us believe that somebody up there is fighting for us down here.
Yet the inclusion of the quote about Mars and War in the Middle East stands out, wouldn't you agree? And we have environmental collapse triggers happening. Riots happening. Why those riots are also happening in Beruit, aren't they? And Isreal and Saudi Arabia don't get along with Lebanon, or the Hezbollah. And President Trump went from Suadi Arabia to Isreal, didn’t he? And wasn't there an explosion there recently? Must all be a coincidence. Let's get back to Pete the magical Thiel and see what else Hulk Hogan's buddy is mixed up in.
He co-founded Valar Ventures in 2010, co-founded Mithril Capital, serving as investment committee chair, in 2012, and served as a partner at Y Combinator from 2015 to 2017. Through the Thiel Foundation, Thiel governs the grant-making bodies Breakout Labs and Thiel Fellowship, and funds nonprofit research into artificial intelligence, life extension and seasteading. A co-founder of The Stanford Review, he is a conservative libertarian who is critical of high government spending, high debt levels, and foreign wars. He has donated to numerous political figures. At the 2009 Singularity Summit, he said his greatest concern is the technological singularity not arriving soon enough. Source Here
Singularity. Not. Arriving. Soon. Enough. Call me paranoid and pass the tin foil hat, but what Matrix code is needed to decipher his words intent? Not soon enough for what? Better Netflix selection? The Alien invasion? Godzilla awakening because of Fukushima? Are the Decepticons already here? Or have they been downplaying the ELE that's approaching? I'll take ELE for a thousand, Alex.
So he's into AI (he backed Deepmind and OpenAI) and life extension. He went to Stanford. He's also going to have his body cryonically preserved. And his Palantir surveillance is, well, nottofreakyououtoranything, everywhere. Palantir's first backer was the Central Intelligence Agency's venture capital arm In-Q-Tel. Then Palantir became Big Brother. Literally. The Palantir clients include the CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI, CDC, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, Special Operations Command, West Point, the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization and Allies, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. And Palantir is also being used by Banks, Hedge Funds, Financial Services, and other corporate clients.
Big Brother wants to be Palantir went it grows up.
Now, are you wondering why I started with Trump, Saudi Arabia and Isreal? Are you curious about how it goes from ex CEO of Google Eric Schmidt "playing" both sides of the fence to Palantir and Peter Thiel? Just sit right back and hold tight, cause I'm about to take you on a one way trip to a Brave New Normal World that's called 1984.
Warning. What you're about to read will make you forever question every officially sanctioned narrative. Trust me. Still game? Are you sure? Last chance. You're about to leave neverneverland and you can't go back. Alright. Let's go.
It's All Hidden In Plain Sight.
Let's talk about Epstein. Yep. Him. I've been strangely quiet about Jeffery haven't I? Nothing written about the Captain Pedo and his Amazing friends didn't mean there was nothing there, it just meant that I didn't find anything that indicated something deeper than a pedophile blackmail ring. And sex and political blackmail is as old as time itself. There's a reason they say the world's two oldest professions are prostitutes and politicians. Yet it turns out the professional pimp and the abducted teens may be playing a bigger role than we thought.
July 31, 2019: NY TIMES • Mr. Epstein’s vision reflected his longstanding fascination with what has become known as transhumanism: the science of improving the human population through technologies like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. Critics have likened transhumanism to a modern-day version of eugenics, the discredited field of improving the human race through controlled breeding. Mr. Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, which he confided to scientists and others he hoped to use as the site for seeding the human race with his DNA.
Welcome to the Island of Dr. Moreau. We're it's the monsters trying to make humans. Do you still think this was all about blackmail, cause it wasn't. Stop thinking in normal terms, because normal is dead, long live the New Normal.
At one session at Harvard, Mr. Epstein criticized efforts to reduce starvation and provide health care to the poor because doing so increased the risk of overpopulation, said Mr. Pinker, who was there. Mr. Pinker said he had rebutted the argument, citing research showing that high rates of infant mortality simply caused people to have more children.
Epstein criticized efforts to reduce starvation and provide health care. Hmmmm. My memory is foggy, but isn't there someone in Africa trying to provide health care and reduce starvation? Who could that be? Wasn't he into computers and had pictures taken on Epstein’s private jet? Wasn't it Bill Gates? Now why would Billy be hanging around someone who would vocally espouse an ideology that is completely antithetical to his stated humanitarian goals?
Also at the Indian Summer dinner, according to an account on the website of Mr. Brockman’s Edge Foundation, were the Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and Jeff Bezos, who was accompanied by his mother.
Then there was Mr. Epstein’s interest in eugenics. Once, at a dinner at Mr. Epstein’s mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Mr. Lanier said he talked to a scientist who told him that Mr. Epstein’s goal was to have 20 women at a time impregnated at his 33,000-square-foot Zorro Ranch in a tiny town outside Santa Fe. Mr. Mr. Lanier, said he had the impression that Mr. Epstein was using the dinner parties to screen candidates to bear Mr. Epstein’s children. Mr. Epstein did not hide his interest in tinkering with genes — and in perpetuating his own DNA. Interviews with more than a dozen of his acquaintances, as well as public documents, show that he used the same tactics to insinuate himself into an elite scientific community, thus allowing him to pursue his interests in eugenics and other fringe fields like cryonics. One adherent of transhumanism said that he and Mr. Epstein discussed the financier’s interest in cryonics, an unproven science in which people’s bodies are frozen to be brought back to life in the future. Mr. Epstein told this person that he wanted his head and penis to be frozen.
More Epstein and Eugenics. Source Here
Now call me crazy, but there's some strangeness happening. Cryonics, don't die, just Let It Go and get Frozen. First Peter Thiel, now Epstein. Let's hope the AI Singularity arrives in time, right?
Now I wouldn't have even bothered with their shared interest of joining the Walt Disney Cryonics Club, if there wasn't more in play, and there's more in play.
August 9, 2019: TRT World • The billionaire shared the same personal network that included Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, infamous Blackwater founder Erik Prince, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, UAE Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.
According to investigative journalist Vicky Ward, quoting a meeting with Trump’s transition team, Acosta told a White House official: “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”
That's a bit of an exclusive club, kinda like being in the Mouseketeer CIA club. But, hey, nothing to see here, is there? But just in case, let's look into the company that Epstein worked with, Carbyne.
This single company, Carbyne, brought together a who’s who of power brokers and intelligence figures from multiple regions including Russia, China and the Trump administration itself, with Epstein at its heart. Officially, Carbyne provided high-tech solutions for emergency centres. In reality, it existed in a grey area giving it unprecedented access to private information, with significant potential for privacy abuse. Carbyne provides a service for police emergency centres, providing complete access to the caller’s camera and GPS, providing the dispatcher with a live video feed.
Ok. So Epstein and Thiel both are into AI, Surveillance, and Cryonics. President Trump was in Isreal and Saudi Arabia in May 2017. And who ended up in Isreal just afterwards?
PayPal Founder in Israel: Too Much Copying and Not Enough Innovation in High-tech
June 15, 2017: Haaretz • Billionaire Peter Thiel visits Israel – and gives out tips on how to build a successful startup. Source Here
Hey, one month after Trump visited the Middle East, Peter Thiel decides to take middle eastern vacation to give out business tips. And then Thiel must've reciprocated and invited the Fresh Prince of Saudi Arabia to get the all inclusive Palantir surveillance pitch. Smile for the camera everyone, cause the world's a stage and we're filming a world wide Truman Show.
April 7, 2018: Gulf News • Google, Thiel feature in Saudi Prince’s Silicon Valley tour. The Saudi delegation visited several Silicon Valley corporate campuses, including Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc. In addition to Facebook, where Thiel sits on the board, the Saudi delegation visited data-analysis start-up Palantir Technologies Inc and a trio of investment firms created by Thiel: Clarium Capital, Valar Ventures and Founders Fund. Thiel is chairman and co-founder of Palantir. Source Here
March 17, 2020: Forbes • These responders are now using a tool built in part by former members of Israel’s military intelligence—Elichai being one—that’s backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who is now the company’s chairman, and a small, passive investment from deceased multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. SourceHere
Ok look. I get it. Rich people make investments, those investments are bound to end up in the same company. But these companies aren't exactly run of the mill home security systems, are they? Nope. This is the kind of surveillance systems that the KGB or the Stasi could only dream of. And when you wish upon a star dreams come true. And Peter Thiel must be wishing upon a star.
Ok. Strap in, buckle up, and try to keep up, or you're gonna get left in the dust. Cause it's boom or bust from here on out, and we're gonna add it up like the count.
So Elichai owns Carbyne. Peter Thiel invested in Carbyne. And Carbyne is in the USA linked to the 911 system, and it's being used to fight the pandemic.
Forbes (Link Above) • Its founder thinks Carbyne’s tech could make the lives of 911 dispatch and healthcare professionals much less chaotic in the Covid-19 crisis. Carbyne relies on callers submitting themselves to self-surveillance via their own mobile phone. Once a caller uses their Android or iPhone to call 911 (85% of emergency calls now come from mobile devices), they receive a text message that asks for permission to get their precise location and access video from their smartphone camera.
Step right up and give your permission to be saved. Big Brother is looking out for you.
So Elichai used to work for the 8200. Cool name, right. I'm not sure about you, but that sounds pretty dystopian. And I've gotta say, that all of Technocrats that are promising us an AI utopia, sure seem to be getting ahead of the curve by building doomsday bunkers for a dystopia. And here we sit wasting our time Doomscrolling.
So what else has sprung up from the 8200? Have you ever heard about the NSO Group?
November 1, 2019 - WhatsApp identified an Israeli company, NSO Group, as having developed the spyware called Pegasus, which it held responsible for the breach. This disclosure was part of a lawsuit WhatsApp has filed against the NSO Group in a US federal court, saying the company was actively involved in hacking users of the encrypted chat service. As per the WhatsApp complaint the “target users included attorneys, journalists, human rights activists, political dissidents, diplomats, and other senior foreign government officials.” NSO’s spyware Pegasus has been reportedly used to target journalists in Mexico investigating drug cartels, rights group Amnesty International, human rights activists in UAE, activists in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. According to Israeli news reports, Saudi Arabia paid $55 million for its use. The contract was later frozen over the scandal alleging NSO software's role in Saudi Arabia tracking slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the months before he was murdered in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. In India, 17 people, who are known to be targeted include activists and human rights lawyers. Source Here
Whoops. Do you remember Jamal Khashoggi? He was trying to expose Human Rights abuses against Saudi Arabia. And then Suadi Arabia decided to murder him, and confirm that they were abusing human rights. Jamal paid the ultimate price to prove his point. But who is selling the hacking tools? At this point they all seem to be springing up from members of the 8200, and the companies they started.
TRT - Link Previously Provided • DarkMatter, a UAE surveillance and intelligence group employing former NSA operatives was built on the back of a larger initiative to modernise Emirati intelligence and military operations. The group took part in at the Arab Future Cities Conference in November 2015, where it presented a vision of smarter, tech-driven cities, which caught the eye of Chinese officials. Smarter cities meant Big Brother-esque widespread surveillance installed throughout the UAE. Only two years later in April 25 2017, DarkMatter signed a Global Strategic Memorandum of Understanding with Huawei, a leading Chinese company, for the same ‘Big Data’ systems and ‘Smart City’ solutions. The middle man? None other than Erik Prince, who had gone from working for the Emiratis, to working for a Chinese billionaire. In suspect timing, the Memorandum of Understanding also took place right before China scaled up its total surveillance and crackdown on Uighurs in Xinjiang, China.
February 2, 2019: Reuters • Xinjiang is a major part of China's Belt and Road infrastructure network but the region has faced attacks blamed on members of the Muslim ethnic Uighur minority. Beijing has responded with a security clampdown condemned by rights groups and Western governments. Frontier Services Group (FSG), a Hong Kong-listed company founded by Prince, said in a Chinese-language statement posted on its website on Jan. 22 that it had signed a deal to build a training centre in southern Xinjiang. Prince is deputy chairman, a minority shareholder and a board member of FSG, a security, logistics and insurance provider. Source Here

Watch this video.

Chinese authorities are using a 911 mobile app to carry out illegal mass surveillance and arbitrary detention of Muslims in China’s western Xinjiang region. Source Here
Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Aren't we condemning China for the camps, and yet the West is helping to build those camps? Must be a big mistake. We didn’t know what was happening. And Erik Prince swears he didn't know. Honestly. He's not lying. Cross my heart and hope to die. Pinky swear.
8200 leads to NSO and Carbyne. DarkMatter is in the UAE with NSA employees. The NSO hack was used to capture Khashoggi. Peter Thiel invested in Facebook, Facebook owns WhatsApp. Peter Thiel invested in Carbyne. Eric Prince works for and founded FSG, which built the Muslim reduction school. China is using similar tech to target Muslims and send them back to school. Carbyne 911 surveillance tech accesses your phone camera after you click on the link to give permission. So. Peter Thiel funds Carbyne. Eric Prince is working for the UAE developing security and the UAE ends up with Dark Matter, and then his company (FSG) is sold to China, and they build re-education centers, which uses technology like Carbyne, and that technology is being used in the USA.
Got it? Good. Because I'm seriously having a hard time keeping up with the behind the scene footage of this LARP.
Link Previously Provided • 1,400 people worldwide, including Indian lawyers, rights activists and journalist, were targets of an online spying campaign that used highly sophisticated spyware developed by an Israeli firm via WhatsApp. WhatsApp is at the centre of a global storm over privacy after it was revealed that at least 17 Indians and about 1,400 people worldwide had their phones breached through the social media app. Their privacy was compromised by surveillance technology so invasive that could read and transmit the entire contents of a phone as well as operate its camera.
WhatsApp, Doc, I think I need an appointment because I'm suffering from Mass Psychogenic Illness from too much Doomscrolling.
Do you want to get deeper? I mean really deep? Yes? Ok. Let's jump into the deep.
October 18, 2019: - How a WhatsApp Tax Launched Massive Anti-Government Protests in Lebanon.
What a crazy New Normal World Order we live in. What are the odds that we have a WhatsApp hack tax protest and we also have a WhatsApp hack that uses your phone camera, while also using similar tech in the USA and China. That's inconceivable! That's incredible! Someone call the press and let them know about this! Uhm. Wait. Better not. You might get Khashoggid.
So Eric Prince is involved. Peter Thiel is involved. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook, and Peter Thiel helped Facebook grow. And then there was this.
March 28, 2018: Daily Mail • Employee of Peter Thiel's company Palantir helped Cambridge Analytica harvest the data of millions of the Facebook users. Alfredas Chmieliauskas is said to have suggested to Cambridge Analytica that it create a personality quiz smartphone app to get access to networks of Facebook users. The Times report also claims that Sophie Schmidt - the daughter former Google executive Eric Schmidt - had urged Cambridge Analytica to work with Palantir. Source Here
At this point, I think I'm going to need to buy a whole lot of tacks and string and make pciture maps on my walls. If we're all living in a Truman Surveillance Show, might as well play the part of the New Normal crazy conspiracy theorist, right?
January 17, 2017: The Intercept According to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, in December Prince attended the annual “Villains and Heroes” costume ball hosted by Mercer. Dowd wrote that Palantir founder Peter Thiel showed her “a picture on his phone of him posing with Erik Prince, who founded the private military company Blackwater, and Mr. Trump — who had no costume — but joke[d] that it was ‘N.S.F.I.’ (Not Safe for the Internet).”
No. Sanity. Fracking. Involved. Is more like it. This insanity can't pass for sanity, can it? And yet they label us crazy when we start to find the big picture, even if we aren't entirely sure what the big picture means.
The Intercpt Continued: In July, Prince told Trump’s senior adviser and white supremacist Steve Bannon, at the time head of Breitbart News, that the Trump administration should recreate a version of the Phoenix Program, the CIA assassination ring that operated during the Vietnam War, to fight ISIS. Such a program, Prince said, could kill or capture “the funders of Islamic terror and that would even be the wealthy radical Islamist billionaires funding it from the Middle East, and any of the other illicit activities they’re in.” Prince also said that Trump would be the best force to confront “Islamic fascism.” “As for the world looking to the United States for leadership, unfortunately, I think they’re going to have to wait till January and hope Mr. Trump is elected because, clearly, our generals don’t have a stomach for a fight,” Prince said. “Our president doesn’t have a stomach for a fight and the terrorists, the fascists, are winning.” Source Here
Sounds good, right? Kill people who kill people and maybe someday we won't have people getting killed. Killer idea! HEWDSHAWT! Grab your BFG and let's go BGH. It's a date!
But then why are these cell phone surveillance hacks companies being constantly linked with their names, and those hacks are being used to target journalists and human rights activists?
It's a small New Normal World Order after all. And it's getting smaller everyday. No worries though, Keep Calm and Carry On, We're All In This Together, and You're Either With Us Or Against Us. It's all good. That kind of thing could never happen here.
July 27, 2019: NARATIV • Michael Chertoff, who ran Homeland Security under George Bush, serves on Carbyne’s advisory board. Chertoff wrote the Patriot Act, which authorized digital surveillance of Americans. Source Here
Uh. Is nobody paying attention? Are the wolves guarding the sheep?
March 16, 2003: Washington Post • It didn't help that as the World Trade Center burned on Sept. 11, 2001, the news interrupted a Carlyle business conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel here attended by a brother of Osama bin Laden. Former president Bush, a fellow investor, had been with him at the conference the previous day. Source Here
Need more proof?
September 16, 2015: Carlyle Group • The Carlyle Group and The Chertoff Group Acquire Majority Stake in Coalfire Systems. Founded in 2001 and based in Louisville, Colo., Coalfire is a global cybersecurity and technology services provider specializing in cyber risk advisory, compliance assessments, technical testing and software services for private enterprises and government organizations. With its technical depth and breadth of IT services, Coalfire serves clients in sectors including technology, retail, payments, healthcare, financial services, education, local and state government, and utilities. Michael Chertoff, former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary and the co-founder and executive chairman of The Chertoff Group, said, “Cyber threats are an existential risk to companies and individuals around the globe. We and Carlyle are excited to partner with Coalfire, an innovative technology-enabled services company helping clients to address cyber risks.” Source Here
It's a good thing that Coalfire is on the case, could you imagine how bad the hacks would be otherwise? Have a look. Flatten the Curve. Part 43. [Link Here](]
That's a pretty long trail that I've written. Guess what? The trail goes longer. So long that this will have to be continued in a part 2 later tonight. Until then; Heads Up and Eyes Open.Take Care. Be Safe. Stay Aware and Be Prepared. Talk soon.
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2020.08.15 18:43 Oculusfluffy Wan Pway? - by Oculus (xpost from fluffybooru) (Part 1)

Originally posted on:
“Wan Pway?”
~Alternatively titled “Excerpts from the Diary of Tan Teck Sing, James~
~By Oculus~
Part 1
31 January 202X
I sometimes wonder why I write in diary. It seems like an incredibly effeminate thing to do, and it is not a fact that I share with just about anyone.
I started the practice of writing in a diary when I was doing National Service. For three long months I was away from home and family with no one to really confide in. While I got to know and adapt to platoon, I sort of resented them. Being a junior college graduate who enrolled later, I got stuck with the polytechnic and ITE graduates who were a very different crowd from who I knew, along with the dropouts
The idea of writing a journal entry isn't foreign to me. When I was in secondary school, I grew up on facebook, and then tumblr, before making a move to livejournal, which seemed cosier and less noticed. However, without access to internet, I had to make do with a physical book. Hiding my diary from the other recruits would be difficult and I was called ‘girly’ and ‘gay’ for doing so. To the best of my ability, I tried to make my posts as inoffensive as possible. Still, my diary got defaced and vandalised from time to time, but I stuck to it, having to constantly tear out the pages other people had written it.
Eventually, I was selected for training in the Officer Cadet School (OCS), where I was grouped with more like-minded fellows. Keeping a diary there was easier and by then, the diary I kept during that period was a lot cleaner and less affected than the one I had during BMT. I don't know if I lost or deliberately threw away my BMT diary, but I still have my OCS diary, to remind me of the year I spent training to be an officer.
This practice followed me into university. Even as I got more sociable and started hanging out with people, there were some thoughts and ideas that I just didn't feel ready to put into an online journal for all to see.
Looking back at how I was initially in the sciences, to switching to the humanities in junior college, my family balked at the idea. But I just love literature. And I love reading books. And the English language. As much as I came from an all-Chinese family, I was raised by my parents in English, and pretty much every facet of my life had been dominated by the English language. I am familiar with the businesses and people that want to push for a stronger Mandarin presence, owing to the influence of China and our Chinese majority, but to me, English is just the more comfortable and interesting language. I always harboured a dream of going to Oxford to study but, alas, my mediocre results meant that the best I could manage was an entry into the National University of Singapore, where I barely got a Bachelors in Literature.
It has been about two months since I've been teaching what is now my third class of students at this Primary school. I always wanted to be a teacher, and after being trained in MOE, I was finally allocated to one of the neighbourhood primary schools. (a guy I disliked from my adolescence who got to study abroad is currently teaching English at JC level, the lucky bastard)
Young children are a handful and are difficult to work with, but I try my best. The bigger problem these days seems to be the rise in autism - as each year goes by, there seems to be more children with high-functioning autism being in my classes. Dealing with them is a real test of my patience, and I sometimes wonder to myself why I am a teacher. But I try.
3rd February 202X
Something is bugging me today.
When I entered the class to teach English, one of the children, Henry I think, started speaking to me with a lisp. but it wasn't just the lisp. It was his choice of language. I'm going to try and remember how the conversation goes
"Now class, I have four words here. Cat, ball, dog and cooking. Which of these four words isn't a noun?"
No one raises their hands. I point at Henry
"Henry, which of the four is not a noun?"
"Fwuffy nu understan, nice mistah. Am having thinkie pwaces huwties."
I blink my eyes.
"Excuse me?"
I don't know if that actually came from Henry, or someone else in the class
About half an hour later, we were reading the story about the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. While reading it, I remember what Henry said at one point
"Duckwing am poopie babbeh! Mummah duckie nu wuv! Gib poopeh duckwing sowwy huwties!"
I don't know if Henry is joking or if its his autism. He was mentioned by his parents to be suffering from autism
14th February 202X
Chinese New Year celebrations at the school just concluded. I'm taking the time off to update my diary because why not. I will be busy for most of this evening and tomorrow. First will be the reunion dinner, and tomorrow will be visiting more relatives. Thankfully, I'm single currently, so the pool of relatives I visit won't be that large. Also, as a single individual, I can still receive angpaos from my elders.
The one thing I am looking forward to is the long weekend. I don't have anything planned for Sunday, or Monday, and Monday is currently Hari Raya. (I can't remember if its Puasa or Haji, I'm neither Malay nor a Muslim)
16th February 202X
With nothing better to do, I decided to sit down and watch some Sunday Morning cartoons. I'm a big fan of animation. I used to enjoy reruns of stuff like classic Duckstory, the FlowerFluff Gals and, of course, My Little Fluffy. That last two was made by the same company, Hassenfeld. They have also made other cartoons like The Fluffiest Pet Store and PoundDogs. And of course, I do like the action stuff, like reruns of Strong-Man and G.I. Prawn: Real South-African Hero.
Yet none of the cartoons today just seem to be any good.
A recurring thing I see in cartoons these days is this cheap design. That they have this big grin that you can't avoid. Watch any cartoon released after 2015, and you start to see it. They call it the ‘CalArts smile’. The themes and topics of these cartoons are also lacking, in addition to the poor animation. There's no big adventure or recurring storyline. Almost every episode is a simple gag, told with bland humour. I swear I've seen at least one episode that had too many flatulence jokes.
After a while, I got frustrated and switched off the television. My brother, whose younger than me by about 5 years and is still in university, notices my frustration.
"Wassup, bro?"
"Cartoons suck these days."
"Nobody watches TV anymore, bro. Everybody watches youtube these days, especially the kids."
16th February 202X
I have no idea what the fuck I've just watched.
I decided to try out youtube kids, to see what passes for children's entertainment these days. At first glance, the content seemed educational. There is the usual content provided by channels like PBS and Discovery. All open, fairly accessible, nothing offensive.
But then, one of the videos that I eventually got recommended was something simply titled "Nutewwa song"
Its literally just one guy, holding a jar of nutella, repeating the lines
"Nutewwa, nuttewwa, I wuv nuttewwa.
wub wub wub, nuttewwa wub nuttewwa"
The thing goes on for literally four minutes. I had to fast forward to see if the lyrics changed. They did not.
I then see a video with a long title, but I could roughly summarize to being about teaching children how to count to five. However, what I got was more bizarre
It has human actors, but they speak with a lisp. And the lyrics go something like this:
"Daddeh fingah, daddeh fingah, whewe am fwuff?
Hewe am fwuff, here am fwuff!
How daddeh do?
Mummah fingah, mommy fingah, whewe am fwuff?
Here am fwuff, here am fwuff!
How mummah do?"
I try searching for the lyrics. Like Baby shark, it apparently belongs to a song called "finger family". However, while the correct lyrics are provided, the ones in the video weren't. And there's hundreds of these videos. Some with real human actors. Others with very minimalist animation. All singing the same song with the same exact lisp. Sure, the voices are different, but the pronunciation is almost always the same
I had to exit youtube kids for a moment and search on normal youtube to find the original song. I managed to find an old video from over a decade ago, that has only for about ten thousand views. In contrast, these newer videos get millions
There are some even more bizarre ones. Like a version where the finger family all has skulls on the fingers. Or the one where Hitler and Stalin are the "mother" and "father" figure respectively. On a dare, I decided to try and see what happen if I typed a random name with "five finger family". True enough, there was five finger family videos of anything from Kamen Rider to Doomguy to Agent 47.
With all of them speaking with the lisp, and using the word "fwuffy."
After a while, it was too much for me to bear. I stopped watching, and decided to watch the movie Predator to get my mind off the infantile speech and mannerisms
18th February 202X
I met Iskandar today.
We both entered university in the same year, and first met in the Literature 101 class. Although Iskandar does have a minor in Literature, his focus is more on linguistics. Also, while I only had a mere bachelors, he received honours, and went on to pursue a Masters.
He too entered the workforce as a teacher and is currently teaching his first cohort of students. Due to his qualifications, he currently teaches English at a nearby junior college. Nevertheless, the two of us make the time to meet each and other for a quick chat over a breakfast. Ideally, one with kaya toast and coffee. And today, I shared with him the videos I had found.
"I've seen this before. They're made by content farms."
"Content farm?"
"It is the algorithm. Basically, companies look for what the most popular thing, then churn out cheap and simple content to get clicks. The clicks generate ad revenue, and that is how they make their money.
I've been following this phenomenon for a few years now, though there has been an interesting development. I think you've picked up on it too."
Being rather puzzled, I asked what he meant
"Have you ever noticed that in these videos, they never use the first person singular personal pronoun?"
For a brief moment, Iskandar said it so fast that I did not catch what he meant
"They don't use 'I', basically."
"Oh, I noticed that. The speech is also very limited, and almost always use a lisp."
"Indeed. There'll be an announcement about this soon. They've actually been studying this problem, even in our alma mater at NUS, and MOE is likely to make an announcement about it soon."
"Announcement about what?"
"You'll see."
25th February 202X
Met Mei today. She asked me why I didn't take her to meet my relatives during Chinese New Year. I joked that, by doing so, I was guaranteed to get more angpaos from my elders. She promptly whacked me on the head <3
Jokes aside, we talked a bit today. We used to go out a lot, back in JC, but we weren't really dating. I lost contact with her during NS, and by that time, she started dating another guy. However, she broke up with him not too long ago.
We did date once, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to do it again. She seemed keen though. I guess we'll see where it goes from here.
11th March 202X
Went on a date with Mei today.
Mei has always been different from myself. While I went into the humanities because I had a fascination for English Literature, especially 19th century literature and earlier, she did the sensible thing most Singaporeans would do, and stayed in the sciences. As she got older though, she developed more of an interested in business, and started for her business degree at out alma mater at NUS. But she always had an interest in the sciences, with one of her quirks being chatting about some random science tidbit or news, that she came across.
And today she wouldn't shut up about talking animals
"Did you know that animals can't really talk?"
I thought it was silly for her to say that, as I pointed out parrots and ravens.
"That's just mimicking. The only animal we know that approximated a conversation with its owner was the parrot Alex, and even that is contested. And there's a simple reason why animals don't really talk - they don't have Wernicke's and Broca's areas.
"What's that?"
"They're the parts of our brain that are linked to speech production, as well as ascribing meaning to speech."
"And you're saying animals don't have that?"
"Actually, there are some animals that have parts *like* it. Such as singing mice. And the parrots that you mentioned. But these parts are analogous to their role, not exactly like it. It is like asking, why can't a dog talk like a human. Theoretically, a more advanced animal like a dolphin or a chimpanzee has these areas, but they're not super developed."
Alright, so what is the point of you mentioning this, I wondered
"Well, they're currently looking into ways of better mimicking the areas I mentioned in animals. As well as transplanting them into animals such as cats and dogs."
"So, like, talking animals?"
"Precisely! Think about how much better it would be to be able to communicate with your dog if it was able to just talk to you directly, and not just in barks."
"But aren't there like physiological differences between a dog and a human that would make such speech impossible for them?"
"Well, technically, birds should not be able to mimic humans. And yet parrots mimic humans well enough. What they're trying to do is improve the parrot to a level where, as opposed to just repeating simple lines, it can have full on conversations with its owner, the way Alex did."
And then she started going even further into the science of it. As I started to nod off, I did the one that I could to slowly get her mind off on talking about neurobiology
"There's this Teochew restaurant I haven't been to yet. You okay with that for dinner?"
1st of April 202X
Well, that was a shock.
And the fact that it happened today didn't really help matters. When most of the people in the English Department hear it, we thought they were pulling a fast one. But of course, the ministry would never joke. And even if they did, the effort put into it, along with what I was seeing in the news, was too elaborate, too deliberate to possible be "just a joke".
The Ministry of Education just announced that there was a rampant problem of "Fluffspeak". Basically, primary school children, particularly below the age of 10, are starting to speak in a severely stunted form of English. I had given remedial classes for children who speak English poorly, and who were brought up to speak Singlish or Mandarin, so this was not a new phenomenon. But the description of the language reminded me of the videos I saw back in Chinese New Year.
Of a severely stunted form of English, where each and every ‘r’ and ‘l’ is replaced with a ‘w’. Larger words are replaced with certain conventions like "thinkie-pwaces" instead of brain and "seeing-pwaces" instead of eyes. And there is no singular personal pronoun. There is no "I". Only "fluffy."
It sounds like a joke, but according to the memorandum from the Ministry of Education, at least a few thousand primary school children have been found to be speaking in nothing but fluffspeak, and have started failing their English classes, and the number is growing.
The problem is worldwide, and was first noticed in American schools. This apparently, led to research into the problem, some of which NUS was involved in.
Just tonight, I saw a newscaster speak, very seriously "about the growing problem of Fluffspeak among children."
The whole thing just feels too incredulous. I have to talk to Iskandar about this as soon as I can.
4th April 202X
"Yeah, it's a constructed language. Have you ever heard of Newspeak?"
I confessed that I didn't.
"Its from George Orwell's 1984."
"The only Orwell I read was Animal Farm, and that was for literature class in secondary school."
"Well, it is an example of a constructed language. A better example would be Tolkien's Evlish."
"That, I am familiar with." I am a huge sucker for fantasy stuff, especially Tolkien's works, as I continued, "It is really amazing how Tolkien would create entire languages for the races and world he created."
"Constructed languages aren't a new thing, but fluffspeak is incredibly unique because its AI-generated."
"AI-generated? But that would mean-"
"Yes. The algorithm created this language."
We were having breakfast again. Being a quick but meticulous eater, Iskandar had already finished his eggs and toast. Iskandar had brought a briefcase, where he was showing printouts of screenshots he had captured, as well as a tablet.
"A lot of the data has been lost, and only a fraction of it was archived or But, at some point, google searches started processing the word 'pway' instead of 'play', and started generating results for searches and songs that used the word "pway".
"That is just a typo isn't it?"
"More like a mispronunciation - these searches started around about the time audio searches were predominant."
I wasn't impressed. Iskandar seemed to be suggesting that an entire language was constructed, by algorithm, based on baby-talk from children too young to be using google search.
"It is a bit more than that."
Iskandar then proceeds to show me pictures of comments found on videos about baby versions of cartoon animals. Of note was a photo a woman took of a Baby Yoda figure. Another was a photo a woman took of a baby smurf. Both pictures had the women pretend that the baby was speaking to them in a type of baby talk. One of them read the following:
"Hawing wunch wike mummah pwomise."
"It's been a recurring thing. Older women, and perhaps men, pretending that baby-talk consists of replacing 'l's and 'r's with 'w's, as well as children with lisps adding to the situation.
There was the influence of uWu language."
Iskandar then switches on his tablet. After a few swipes, he reaches a video on youtube. The video has only one static image, of a girl with two circular eyes, and a mouth shaped like a small w.
As the human speaker continues talking, the language structure and speech starts getting simpler and simpler, until it sounds like baby-talk.
"This is considered a joke type of speech, but it matches what the search algorithms have founds when collated with the baby-talk searches generated by both adults and children with the lisp."
I was starting to get a sense of what Iskandar was talking about. But there was one thing that seemed unusual
"Alright, but why "fwuffy". Why is the word "fwuffy" used instead of 'I'?"
"We don't know. But some people at MIT noticed the similarity between the onomatopoeic sound of "fuwa fuwa" with "fluffy". There's also the Hassenfeld cartoons that keep using "fluff" or "fluffy" to describe their properties. That's still disputed though."
Okay, but I don't really see how this a language. To me it is more like a dialect. A creole or a slang, whatever you linguists call it. Like our own native Singlish."
"That is true - most of it is based in the English language. But it does remind me a lot of newspeak, which was treated as a language."
Time was starting to run out, and I had to get back to work. I tried to make a closing statement
"Well, all I know is, having to give more remedial lessons so that children don't speak like retards is going to be a bitch."
"I wouldn't be too disparaging about this language, if I were you James."
He then swipes his tablet one more time, and shows me a webpage. It reads "Fluffspeak Research."
"The team at MIT started this webpage where they compiled their findings on fluffspeak. In addition, they're trying to get people to contribute stories and ideas written in fluffspeak. They want to see how far they can get with furthering and improving the language that was created by the algorithm."
Sounds like a massive waste of time, I thought.
"Some people would have said Tolkien was wasting his time when creating Elvish."
"Tolkien was trying to depict the language of a proud people, and was also building a mythology. In contrast this seems to be trying to make an entire language based around babytalk."
"And isn't that interesting?"
I brushed him off. We said our goodbyes, and head back to work.
I still got that website though. The url was memorable enough that I jotted it down on a piece of paper.
Maybe I'll check it out when I really got nothing better to do. (like, never!)
22nd May 202X
It has been three weeks since I started my first remedial class for students speaking fluffspeak. As much as I think that the problem is overblown, there seem to be this growing alarm concerning the phenomenon.
I never would have imagined that getting a child at the age of 10 to say "play" instead of "pway" would seem so difficult. But that is what it has come to. In the first two weeks, most of the children I have been handling with were 9 or younger, and clearly had too much access to the internet, especially youtube. The solution seemed to be as simple - deny these impressionable children access to mobile devices such as the internet, and school them through extensive English classes to correct their speech.
But this ten year old child is the eldest case I have dealt with. And he is far more intelligent than the others. He has taken to calling himself the leader of the class. The "smawty". He is also the rowdiest. On a few occasions, the class collectively threw paper planes at me, and this was an act co-ordinated by this one child. I managed to single him out. Speak to him and his parents directly. And that was when I learnt an uncomfortable truth about this one particularly precocious child.
He was doing this all willingly.
He spoke to me normally. He can write a sentence normal, without replace the "ls" and "rs" with "w"s. And he can say eyes instead of "seeing-pwaces." He just chooses not to.
But, why?
"Its fun."
He then shows me a video that he saw on youtube. Of course, I had to use a smartphone, but I searched and found the video.
It's a cover of Earth Angel.
Done entirely, in fluffspeak.
Looking at the description of the video, I notice that it ties back to the MIT website that Iskandar mentioned. This was one of the videos that their group had created, in exploring pre-existant media, "translated" into fluffspeak.
Maybe I should check this website out. Maybe.
2nd June 202X
On a whim, I decided to check out the Fluffspeak Research page that Iskandar mentioned. There's quite a wordy writeup by a professor at MIT known as Prof Minsky regarding the nature of "flufffspeak" as the basis of AI generated language, cobbled together by the algorithm. The researchers are looking into how this language can be fine-tuned through further user input.
The head of the project is a Professor Syme Minksy. I took note of her email address.
The message boards for the project are divided into neat areas. There's a submission box where people can send in their fluffspeak generated pieces anonymously. Then there are the message boards where people post their actual written works, rendered in fluffspeak, online, and discuss about it. Some of it lacks imagination - a person would take a passage from Twilight, or Harry Potter, and then replace the language with that of uWu language instead of the proper fluffspeak.
But then there are some people who have written an entire short story, with an original plot and everything, but in fluffspeak. Reading the article is hard as hell, but, given that it supposed to be a more advanced version of babytalk, the story can be understood after a little re-reading.
There is even a section where people can host live discussions, utilizing an IRC client, to chat in "fluffspeak". If they chat in any other 'normal' language, they have to indicate so, or be booted from the server
While browsing the site, for a brief moment, I see Iskandar's name pops up. Looks like he's quite active here.
16 June 202X
I did it. I took the plunge.
I submitted my first story in fluffspeak.
I did it just for fun. Just wrote a story about a guy going to a shop to buy a can of spaghetti, or "skettis".
But I wrote it all in fluffspeak.
9th July 202X
Finally had the chance to talk to Professor Minsky, the head of the project. Well, talk as in talk over an internet messenger. At the age of 50, she is a Professor of Linguistics. However, the programme that she is working on has included experts from the fields of artificial intelligence, as well as psychology and neurology. There is a relationship between the development of a language and a theory of mind, and for machine learning to be able to construct and recommend a rudimentary language suggests a development of a theory of mind. Whether this means that the internet would develop into a Skynet 2.0 is a separate (though also important question), but the larger implication is the nature of the language being developed.
Being based of babytalk, as Minsky puts it, fluffspeak could be interpreted as the way a developing toddler or child sees the world. Thus, and theoretically, any complex work of fiction by an adult could be processed and simplified in fluffspeak.
But what about simple english, I asked her. After all, wikipedia entries in simple english exist for this same purpose
The professor then points out that simple english still assumes that the speaker is an adult with a minimal amount of education. A layman, so to speak. In contrast, fluffspeak was developed by a machine understanding of how a prepubescent child thinks and talks. As she puts it, refining fluffspeak, as well as understanding the children and people who use it, would help determine the formation of language, especially the transition from the more rudimentary baby-talk to more complex and refined forms of language. In addition, the use of fluffspeak could allow for the introduction of larger, more complex adult concepts into a simpler medium for children to understand.
I pointed out to the professor that education departments across the world, including the local MOE, have been trying to discourage fluffspeak, at least amongst children. She understands this, and says that she is currently restricting it to among adults, as well as children who are already using fluffspeak. She then points out that, in my remedial classes, I should be using documents to track the specific lisps and sentence structures that fluffspeak users are working with. I admit that I had not noticed this.
I then point out to the Professor that, as with anything on the internet, there is that danger that something bad would always slip through. Chatbots have been observed to pick up negative comments and biases from the users, and the same seemed to apply to fluffspeak. The professor admitted this is a concern, and mentioned that, for the moment, the fluffspeak material that is submitted is analysed to be free from profanities as well as graphic behaviour and violence
12 July 202X
Spoke to Calvin. Although Minsky is the head of the program, Calvin could be said to be doing most of the legwork related to the program. Minsky mainly works with a hypothesis, as well as understanding the practical and physical element of fluffspeak. The hard coding, and the algorithms, however, are all Calvin's work.
Calvin had already received her Master’s in Computer Science and is currently working on a thesis paper related towards the basis of language generation through algorithms. It is not a small wonder that she ended up being attached to Minsky's program. Even though they are from two different fields, the fluffspeak phenomena had interested both female professionals.
There are some differences between the two women, though. Minsky is clearly an idealist and also a little no-nonsense. She has been quite harsh in how she moderates what goes in and what doesn't for the fluffspeak programme. Calvin seems a more relaxed. A lot more approachable. I can see myself spending more time conversing with Calvin, even though its mostly on matters unrelated to the program.
3rd August 202X
I have upload about five stories to the message board now.
Four of them were original material, while the first was Roald Dahl's "The Great Automatic Grammatizator" completely rendered in fluffspeak.
Some other people have been more adventurous. So far, we have had the works of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Byron all rendered in fluffspeak by many different contributors, a number working together. The study is currently limited to the English speaking world, but there is already some discussion about how different languages might generate their own fluffspeak, if given time.
There's however, an alarming trend I noticed. Although the board is heavily moderated, at times, there are a few people who, while attempting to converse in fluffspeak, start describing sexual actions. The motive behind this seems to be a form of ageplay. Due to fluffspeak's basis in a more simplistic form of speaking, some people are inclined to use fluffspeak to partake in a form of ageplay.
Having spoken to Calvin, the problem already started within the first week the board was open to the public. The mods have been working day and night to ensure depictions of sex and violence are not described in fluffspeak, other than what has already been written in fiction. There is the concern of censorship, but Calvin mentions that the focus is on making ' a working language' first.
9th August 202X
Was bored for most of National Day. Decided to have lunch with Iskandar at the Gluttons Bay. Iskandar was having Nasi Lemak while I had carrot cake.
The two of us conversed quite a bit about Fluffspeak, and the program Calvin was running. I mentioned a nagging point that is on my mind
"I do think the language is interesting, but I feel like the approach to it has been rather skewed."
"What makes you say that?"
"We're basing this more of what 'we' think babytalk and childtalk is like, not what 'childtalk' actually is."
"I should correct you there, James. We're working with what the AI thinks constitutes as babytalk and childtalk.
The generation of the videos by content farms, and their subsequent pronunciations and language augmentation, was based on recommendations by the algorithm. Youtube kept pushing videos with the lisp and incorrect English as the correct choice, which children picked up on. As children contributed more content online, the 'language' started developing. At this point, I'd say we're just merely giving it a more definite form."
"So you're saying that we're trying to 'perfect' that language?"
"Basically, yeah.
It is like that one guy who converted 'the Little Prince' into Singlish. Singlish is often look at derisively by our local government, but, given that it is our native Creole, a lot of Singapore writers take pride in it the way the Scots do with their language and English."
"But Singlish is tied to our culture. What culture are we making fluffspeak for?"
"Who knows?" said Iskandar, as he shrugged. "I like to think it is for 'us'. The people in our group."
I didn't get to meet Mei tonight.
I saw the fireworks alone.
1st September 202X
Today was teacher's day. Did the same the thing we did the past two years. Fun and games in the morning. Small part in the class. Finger food, candies and cakes.
"Fwuffy wub candy!"
And the one idiot speaking fluffspeak. Had to correct the child.
"Henry, its 'love'"
"S-s-sowwy Mister Tan. Henwy wiw-wil-will tw-tw-try harder."
Teacher's Day is a school holiday, but only the children get to go home early. There was a slight party mood in the department though, as an occasion like this meant that we too would be celebrating with finger food, cake, and even ice-cream in the fridge.
Now was a good time to hang out with the other English teachers in the department and catch up. I've gotten to know Mr. Choe, who joined in the last year, and Ms. Ho, whose been around for ages. The topic of fluffspeak came up rather unexpectedly. Mr Choe, in what I could only describe as gentle but youthful aggression, made his opinion clear.
"We have to rout out this fluffspeak."
"Rout out? I mean, we're just correcting the way the children are speaking."
"And it is not enough. This incorrect use of English is spreading. It is a literal rape of the beauty of English, and we cannot tolerate it."
"By that measure," said Ms Ho, "you would say Singlish is a rape of English."
"I would, yes. I don't want any of my students to speak a lick of Singlish in my class. And fluffspeak is worse. They sound like literal retards."
"And what do you think, Mr. Tan?"
A slight sweat trickled down my forehead. Although I was on the MIT website, unlike Iskandar, I adopted a nickname.
"I think a bizarre form of English is a unique expression of creativity."
Mr Choe glared at me in disapproval.
"I disagree, Jim. I think we can be very creative with English without having to work with a corruption of it. English should be kept pure."
20th December 202X
I went out on a date with Mei today.
It was rather sweet. She wouldn't shut up about some recent developments in biology, but, other than that, we had fun.
We were walking along the bridge to Marina bay when she popped a question to me
"Yes, Mei?"
"Have you ever thought of leaving Singapore?"
I was a bit taken aback by the suggestion. Aside from the time I trained in Brunei and Taiwan for National Service, I have never travelled out of Singapore. (Well, aside from the occasional trip to JB and that's more to get chewing gum as well as the cheaper products from Malaysia)
"No. Why do you ask? Have you travelled?"
She then looks over the railing. The Orchard city lights brighten the December evening. One can see the rainclouds above. There is a gentle wind, slowly building, but not yet indicative of a storm. For now though, it blows against Mei's hair, its beauty wavering.
"I just cannot imagine my whole life here. I do want to see the world. I mean, I have family in Malaysia, but I also have some distant relatives in Hong Kong. And China. I even have cousins in the US. And an uncle in Canada.
And I always wanted to go to Greece. Or Spain. Or even Ethiopia."
"Ethiopia?" I scoffed. "That's in Africa isn't it? Can't imagine why anyone would go there."
"I beg your pardon, but Ethiopia was one of the most advanced countries in Africa for the longest time! It was also never truly colonized by a Western power. It is a country with a rich history!"
I felt a bit sheepish. I apologized.
"Its okay. Maybe the view I'm saying is too rosy. But I don't want to be too landlocked to this country.
I do want to see the world."
3rd February 202X+1
Took Mei with me to visit one of my relatives for Chinese New Year. I had my reunion dinner the night before with immediate family, as she did, but since we're now going out, I guess it made sense that my family knew .
And true enough, this time around, I didn't get the red packets
Worst still, the dreaded question came around.
"So when are you two going to get married and start continuing the family name?"
Jesus, grandma, we're taking it slow.
For a good hour though, Mei ended up playing poker with a cousin of mine. Said cousin is a biologist, and they keep talking about something called a 'chimera'. I heard about that from Greek mythology.
"Well we're not talking about Greek mythology dear, we're talking about an actual animal. One they're developing apparently."
I rolled my eyes. Didn’t interest me.
While I waited for their game to conclude, I spent some time at the porch, and looked at the garden, where the children of some of my relatives were playing
"You can't catch me, you can't catch me!"
"Siwwy dummeh! Smawty am da fastest! Wiww catch fwen!"
I had to blink my eyes.
The girl who was running was able to speak English well. However, the boy chasing her had to be at least 11 to 12 years old, and was clearly speaking fluffspeak
It turned out that he was the son of one of my distant relatives
"Yeah," he sighed, with a forlorn look on his flace. "He can speak Mandarin well. But his English is nothing but that stupid lisp. That 'fluffspeak'. And we sent him for classes, but he keeps lapsing back"
As the boys keeps running and speaking with the lisp, I wonder if the remedials we provide are truly effective.
10 June 202X+1
Its coming to be the first full year since I joined the fluffspeak community
It feels that I lead this double life. During the day, I spend most of the time, teaching proper English, and conducting remedial classes to correct young children and prevent them from speaking Fluffspeak.
But in the evening, I spend an hour or two reading the Fluffspeak message boards. There are a number of good stories written in fluffspeak, as well as some interesting performative arts done with the language.
I do think that young children shouldn't speak fluffspeak, but I can appreciate fluffspeak as a creative outlet for someone of my age. I hope MIT will keep the site around.
16th June 202X+1
They shut down the site.
The move shocked all of us. I went to check the twitter, and Professor Minsky states that the programme had already reached its research goals, and thus, was ended. That was all the explanation given.
No more than that.
I'm angry. I'm frustrated. I spent almost a year, writing all kinds of stuff, stuff that I did not save, and uploaded it to this site. All gone. A tonne of work, taken away from us. Replies were disabled. Something tells me that they expected the backlash.
I sent an email to Calvin. She might know a bit more. And I must to speak to Iskandar soon.
~To Be Continued~
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2020.08.03 03:45 copperhillbook Bill Sanders, part 2.

(This part is 100% done, though I may edit it to improve the language or add minor details that connect this part of the story to others.)
I assumed he’d make an appearance eventually. I didn’t expect that he’d appear that very Saturday night, bottle in hand, or the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of the next week, or basically every day I’d offered to spend time with him. Those first couple visits he only seemed to wanna talk about the various brands of small batch liquor he was introducing me to, their flavors and subtle notes and origins, and any discussion about his life was met with short replies. Then eventually the wall started to come down as he shared more and more of his life, and then it was like a leak in a dam, the walls of mistrust crumbling to a torrent of thoughts and feelings. It had been so long since Bill had anyone he could trust enough to really open up and share his life with, and the opportunity to unburden gave him a kind of younger man’s energy and giddiness that was rather infectious.
First, and frankly to my total surprise, he loved Lydia. He was totally, completely, head over heels in love with her. I’d assumed the frost of their relationship was built on mutual disdain, but it became clear that he viewed her intense vanity and need for approval and control of the social strata of the town kinda like a husband whose wife was in the throws of dementia - he hated the disease that was her narcissism, not her, and was proud to be her “caregiver.” Still he acknowledged how one-sided that love seemed to be and the frustration of having lost her to the delusion of being the Southern Queen of their small town. As much as he loved her, they hadn’t fucked since Sarah and Samantha, and then only as a means to conceive them. And he bristled at Marco, the kids’ well-built and square-jawed and so-called “manny.” “I know he’s fucking her every moment I’m out of the house,” he sighed. “I want her to be happy. He obviously makes her happy. Doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.”
I guess it’d been a couple weeks in when he admitted all this. It made him tense, and I hated how much he hated it but I knew that getting it off his chest was therapeutic. He told me about the girl he’d met as a young Air Force recruit in Montgomery, about getting married a bit too early but knowing they were both madly in love, and then having to say goodbye the day he found out she was pregnant - 1988, when he was shipped overseas.
I did the math when he told me that story. 1989? “You...have another kid? They’re what, like 32…”
He just shook his head. “No...don’t...I can’t go there.” He shut down, cold, dark. Ok, not a place he was prepared to explore.
“So when did you get to come back home?”
I sputtered. “Holy shit, five years?! What happened?”
He shrugged. “Gulf War happened. I was a comms specialist, and they didn’t have enough to go around. After the actual war ended they begged me to join Southern Watch, that was an air defense operation out of Al Dhafra base in Saudi Arabia. No one else could do it, they said. And they offered me a lot of money to stay on. So I took it. Sent it back to her. Kept my head down. Thought about home.”
I shook my head as he talked, my respect for a seemingly simple, one-dimensional football coach growing as I began to see his depth. Hell, if anything the fact that he didn’t brag about his remarkable life, allowing Lydia to convince everyone that she was the more interesting of the Sanders, made him all the more impressive.
I glanced over. Tuesday and Thursday he wore the same school polo and khakis. But this was Saturday, and on Saturday he wore shorts and a tee, the standard uniform that suggested he’d either been coaching or lifting all day, or both. I took in the sight of him as he looked into his glass, drunkly rambling these details that seemed so insignificant to him. The full silver grey head of hair, the stubble that seemed impossible to shave away, the broadly thick muscled body that stretched his tee shirt so tightly I could make out every detail of the left nipple that was glaring at me. I was reminded once again just how attracted I was to him, and the erection growing in my own jeans that followed reminded me that I did have an agenda with Bill. Maybe it was time to push forward on it. We’d certainly shared enough drinks, that evening alone to test some boundaries.
“Hey, can I ask you something kinda personal?”
The question took him by surprise. “Like I haven’t been telling you personal stuff this whole time?”
I laughed, “ok fine, but like really, really personal.”
He looked hesitant at that. “Ok…”
You were overseas for, what, five years right?
“How old when you left?”
He had to think. “18, almost 19.”
“Ok, so you were away in Muslim countries for five years. No girls, right?”
He grinned, starting to see where my line of questioning was going. “Nope.”
“So like...did you just...I dunno, jack off constantly?”
He cracked up at that. “Honestly, pretty much yeah. I mean the Air Force was always a lot of hurry up and wait, and when we were being rushed we didn’t have time to think about it. But when there was nothing happening, yeah, not much else for us to do but lift weights and watch shitty reruns and share titty mags.”
“Wait, did you...did your unit I looked at titty mags...together?”
He grinned and looked away, a bit embarrassed. “I mean you gotta understand, it was close quarters, not a lot of privacy. At first we’d just disappear into the john when we needed to rub one out but after a while you start to realize how stupid that is since everyone knows exactly what you’re doing. Nobody brings a titty mag into the john with ‘em for casual reading. Plus, you know, there are certain times when every guy needs a release, and our schedules were so carefully synchronized that we’d all end up spanking at the same time anyway, I don’t know how it happened but eventually we all just gave up pretending and...did it.”
“That’s crazy. How often did that happen?”
He shrugged. “Maybe three times a day at least. Like we’d all wake up at the same time, rub one out. Another time in the showers, when we knew the evidence would go down the drain. Before bed too, you know, just so we could get to sleep. And then sometimes if a couple of us had sittin’ around time and nothing else to do...”
I shook my head, nakedly fascinated. “Who would initiate it? Would you just start jacking off at the same time or did someone get it going?”
He glanced quizzically my way. “You’re awful curious about a room full of guys jacking it.” Fuck, I thought, I really did express way too much interest way too quickly.
In moments like this you might think the best response is the perfectly crafted, well-prepared explanation, but it’s really not. Besides not always having one ready, most people don’t have a good explanation for every thought that pops into their head; and a streetwise man like Bill, especially one who had gotten so used to people lying around him, might be put off by someone who had a good reason for every mental fumble.
I paused, seemed to consider it and shook my head and laughed. “Yeah man, I don’t know. That was a weird train of thought, never mind.”
Bill laughed and clasped a giant hand on my shoulder. “Chris, how long’s it been?”
“Since what?”
I mean...did you date anyone after Lucy?”
“, not really,” I lied. “Just never found another girl like her. Or good enough to replace her, I guess.”
“Well I’m no counselor, but it sounds to me like you miss what it feels like to be, you know, intimate with a girl. Maybe that’s why you got so wrapped up in all that stuff we did at Al Dhafra. Not much more intimate a guy can do with another guy, is it?”
I can think of a few more intimate things I could be doing with you, I thought. Instead I shrugged. “Maybe. Intimate is a weird word for it though, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, I guess,” he shrugged that off and his voice trailed, maybe questioning his choice of words. I felt like the train of thought we’d wandered onto was derailing. I wanted it very much to stay in place.
“The Band of Thebes...” I offered contemplatively, almost as a half thought..
“The was called the Sacred Band of Thebes. Had a Western Civ professor who talked about it in college. It was this elite army unit that protected Thebes in like, I wanna say, the 6th century BC. Unstoppable warriors. All guys, all doing it with each other.”
“Doing it? Like…” Bill made a bit of a grotesque humping motion that he never would’ve embarrassed himself with if he were sober. I had to laugh.
“Yeah. I guess they all paired off, but then they also did stuff altogether? I dunno. Anyway it was a bonding thing. I guess the idea was that you’ll fight a hell of a lot harder for your best friend if you’re banging.”
“Huh,” Bill took that in. I honestly expected him to recoil from the idea - I had to get used to his being a lot more worldly than I’d given him credit for. “Then I guess...yeah, it was kinda like that.” He shook his head. “But how did they...I mean like they couldn’t all be gay could they?”
“They didn’t have the hang ups we do about gay stuff,” I said matter of factly, working so hard to not sound like a gay pick-up artist targeting a straight guy. “Greeks, Romans, Spartans, all those dudes, before Christianity came along they all did stuff with each other. I think a lot of ‘em saw it as a big part of why they were so good on the battlefield.”
I could see Bill trying to wrap his mind around this new paradigm. That he didn’t reject it outright was, again, pretty surprising. Not that I couldn’t have backed it up - we live in an Information Age where the truth about history is always at our fingertips, and I was (mostly, I learned later) right about what I’d told him. But I was introducing him to the notion that two “straight” men could bond over sex, and his conservative upbringing hadn’t dismissed it; maybe because of those daily jerkoff sessions with his friends.
And then it was silent for too long. I felt the air between us begin to fill with awkward unspoken questions, and I suddenly realized that I didn’t know what he’d ask and I didn’t know if I was ready to answer, but I also didn’t want the evening to end. Anyway, we’d gone far enough into the rabbit hole for one night; I decided it was time to shift the conversation.
“Anyway, probably a good thing you guys didn’t have the Internet. As much porn as there is now to watch you’d probably have never gotten anything done.”
Bill laughed. “Yeah, I guess it does get kinda boring with the same half dozen skin mags.” Then he grinned slyly. “I gotta tell you a secret Chris. Can you handle it?”
I was pretty drunk at this point - nowhere near Bill’s staggering level of functional drunkenness but I was definitely boozy, and where I’d probably have liked to keep my poker face my eyes widened as I imagined what dark secret he was about to bring me into. “Yeah man, of course.”
“Never seen the Internet porn stuff. Not once.”
My eyes must’ve left their sockets based on Bill’s awkward shift, like I’d broken the rules of our fast-bonding friendship by shaming him with my expression. “I...sorry,” I recovered,” I’m just amazed you got by without it!”
“I dunno, just never needed it. I mean, not at first. I had magazines, and a few videos, and when that didn’t work I had my imagination. But mostly, you know, I had Lydia.” He sighed there, and I wasn’t sure if it was at how much he loved her or how far wrong things had gone since. Maybe both. “Anyway by the time I...coulda used it, I feel like the tech just kinda passed me by. And there’s nowhere I could watch it - couldn’t watch it at home because I’m sure Lydia woulda caught me and raised hell. Can’t watch it here - I know the school tracks those things, and I don’t know how to cover my tracks with stuff like that. So I never tried. know, kinda rub one out in the shower sometimes when I need to, that’s all. Anyway that gives your computer viruses, doesn’t it?”
“Man,” I shook my head, taking that in. “Ok, well first of all, it’s not that techie to find, and no, it doesn’t usually give your computer viruses anymore. And second…” I pulled out my smartphone and opened Pornhub, clearly versed enough that I could look up a video one handed while holding a conversation. “We don’t have an IT department anymore to keep track of who looks at what videos or for anyone to even care, honestly.”
I opened something obvious from the front page - two bimbos going to town on one dude’s hog - and handed him my phone. He was instantly entranced - probably had a lot to do with how fucked up he’d got, but he was also shocked by the quality. “This is...unreal. And this is”
“Yep,” I nodded.
“How can I find this?”
“Well, there are a lot of different sites. This one is called Pornhub, it’s one of the easiest. You just put what you’re looking for in that search box, right there.”
“Well...what can I search for?”
I had to laugh a little. “Honestly anything. You’d be amazed how many pornographic videos there are for every single little thing that might possibly get someone off. What turns you on in a girl...besides Lydia?”
He chuckled mindlessly as I caught myself before he answered, knowing what his first answer would be. I don’t know I guess...a little older? Smaller frame? Tits not so big?”
I shook my head softly - he was, basically, describing his wife. “Try typing ‘petite milf.’”
“What’s a milf?”
“Just...just put it in the thing.”
Bill typed the words into the site and I chuckled as his eyes widened at the hundreds of options available to him. He chose one of the first - an attractive if severe looking woman being orally serviced by a young man clearly half her age - and leaned back dazily to take in a new and wondrous sight that the rest of us have so easily taken for granted.
I should have seen it coming, honestly. The long talk about bonding over pornography and masturbation, the long silence, how horny and drunk we both were, the space that had closed between us as I introduced him to the magic of Internet porn. But I was entranced by the erotic film he’d chosen; and, honestly, the erotic feeling of lurking over Bill’s shoulder, lost in sexuality. Then my hazy focus, so fixated on the admittedly incredibly hot film in which the older woman was now sucking the young man’s sizable cock, refocused just past the film to the movement in Bill’s crotch. His right hand was buried deep in his shorts, the already sizeable bulge now an impossible to miss hard-on that he was tugging on furiously. Of course I was looking for a way to eventually turn our “friendship” into something like this. I guess I just expected it to take a lot longer. And I expected to be the one to initiate it.
As if on cue I guess he glanced over at me, and I don’t know how he could tell my gaze had shifted from the screen to his crotch, but he grunted drunkly, uncomfortably. “Sorry man, it’s just been so long...”
Obviously he didn’t mean it had been so long since he jacked off - he’d already admitted to doing that regularly. I think maybe he meant this...this thing he’d talked about doing in the Air Force and which he clearly seemed to miss, jacking off in front of another guy he trusted and bonded with. Even if I didn’t find Bill sexy as Hell or have a plan that would have sent us both somewhere down this very road, the idea that Bill might trust me as much as his military friends, or at least enough to play with himself in front of me...well let’s be honest, I wasn’t going to embarrass my new friend by letting him be the only drunk pervert in the room. I unbuttoned my chinos and thrust an obvious hand into my pants, bringing to full attention the dick that had been at 80% since I caught him jacking it. My obvious self-molestation gave him the permission that I guess he needed to wrestle down his shorts, pull out his dick, and fully enjoy himself. I remember in my drunken state as we both openly stroked our cocks together thinking despite their differences how much like Tommy he really was, wanting so much to get off in his own way but also looking to me to join him as if to say “if you do it too then it’s not weird.”
He didn’t last much longer after that. Maybe a couple minutes, and a guttural, primal growl came from the back of his throat. No curses, no Gods or “ah yeahs” or “fucks,” just a deep moan of pent-up satisfaction as his eyes closed and then his balls unloaded, and he jerked wave after wave of cum...onto his athletic department t-shirt.
If Bill’s orgasm wasn’t enough to set me off, I could feel his drowsy attention turn to watching me. For a moment I stepped outside myself and saw the scene - Bill with his beercan cock hanging out, covered in his own come, holding porn on my phone in front of me so I could masturbate in front of him. He was almost twice my age and despite my time in the gym I was nowhere near as massive as him, so I couldn’t help but see him as the coach in every porno urging a naive player to jackoff for him so I could keep my spot on the team or something. I pulled up my dress shirt with my left hand as my right furiously abused my dick, and as I allowed myself the fantasy of hearing Bill’s deeply masculine voice say something, anything to encourage me, it set me off and I realized how futile my attempt to save my shirt was. My dick exploded, and I doused it in my own come.
Once I stopped gasping in ecstasy I kinda blinked and looked over at him. He was still watching me, and I thought he was still lost in watching my orgasm; then I realized he was looking at how absolutely drench my dress shirt was. And I looked over at his similar predicament, and then we just kinda laughed, the dumb drunk laugh of a couple college kids who realized they’d done something incredibly stupid that they’d probably regret when they were sober.
Bill peeled off the shirt, exposing his impressively muscled chest. I did my best not to stare even though I knew he’d probably be flattered. “What’re you gonna do,” I joked, unbuttoning my own shirt which fortunately had a tee underneath. “Go home like that?”
He chuckled and shook his head. “Short walk to my office. I’ve got like two dozen of these shirts. Just need to make sure Lyds doesn’t see what happened to this one.”
I looked at the clock. 1 am. I realized how ridiculous it was to care - Saturday night, and anyone still on campus would be too drunk to notice that Coach was shirtless, let alone that I was in a tee shirt. I worried too much.
Bill saw my gaze and acknowledged the time. “Yeah shit,” he said unsteadily, “I gotta head out anyway. If I don’t leave now I’ll pass out here and then I gotta hear about it from her tomorrow.” He stood, and his balance swam for a moment and I thought I’d have to catch him; then he steadied and waved me off and I realized he’d probably made this same walk home a thousand times before. As he opened the door I sensed the awkward speed of his exit, and I guess he did too. He turned back, looking at me uneasily. “Hey man we’re...we’re good right?”
“Absolutely,” I grinned. “But like...we’re doing this again yeah?” I emphasized this in case there was any doubt about what part of the evening I’d enjoyed the most.
He grinned back awkwardly and nodded. “Yeah.” And then he was gone.
We were never really comfortable with just admitting that we enjoyed the experience of jacking off in front of each other. We always required multiple pretenses. We had to be drunk, and we had to acknowledge how horny we were, how long it had been since either of us had pussy. Sometimes I’d tell him about this crazy porn I’d seen, or he’d tell me about some fantasy he had knowing that I’d be able to find porn of it pretty much instantly. Often one of us would have to remind the other that this was temporary, that we were both just in a rough patch. But there was never a late night visit from that time on that didn’t include us jerking off in front of, and really for, each other. We started taking off our shirts after that first-time mistake, and eventually just got naked in front of each other. It was so freeing being naked in front of Bill, stroking madly with him in the flickering light of the porn I was casting to my TV. While his age and charisma intimidated me enough to not just have my way with him like I might’ve done with one of his students, I gathered my courage enough to admit to admiring his muscular body; and just as I suspected he loved the flattery, and would compliment my gym progress and give me tips, all while we were stroking, and it was erotic as hell.
And at some point - I was too drunk to remember how it happened, if he’d asked or if I’d admitted it or if he saw my reactions and sussed it out on his own - he realized how turned on I was hearing him talk about what he wanted turned him on about or what he wanted to do to the girl or girls on the screen, and he’d go out of his way to be vocal about his fantasies knowing that I’d come a hell of a lot harder. And sometimes, especially if he’d finished before I did, he’d lean into me and in his gravely voice describe in intimate detail how I’d savage the girls, and I’d thank him by blowing a powerful load on my chest. Then we’d towel off or shower in the bathroom in the back and either call it a night or continue along more mundane conversations.
That’s assuming we were both sober enough to continue. As our newly intimate “friendship” progressed he and I both drank more. A lot more. I was generally together enough not to lose total control, but he blacked out frequently, especially Saturday nights when he wasn’t pressed with responsibilities the next day. Fortunately he had the discipline not to do anything too insane - once we realized he was blacking out he’d recognize his vulnerability and default to doing what I told him. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t use those moments to make a pass at him or suck him off or whatever. That’s not how I wanted this to go. It had to be something he wanted. Something he chose. That’s how I’d know it was real. So usually I’d let him pass out on the couch or in my bed in the back, or if both of us were supremely fucked up he’d take one and I’d take the other. Except for that one night, that one Saturday night that we were far more gone than we’d been any other night, and all I could remember as darkness took me was his body pressed against mine.
The chaos of an alcohol-induced slumber gave way to the peaceful chirping of birds outside my window as I woke up. Then I realized I hadn’t woken up on my own - I’d been jostled. I looked up toward the Sunday morning light pouring in from the window to see Bill, buck ass naked, staring down at me in shock.
“What...what the hell happened?!” He was...angry? Confused? Still drunk, no question. I was still drunk and I hadn’t got nearly as fucked up as him.
I looked down at his cock, half-hard from, I suppose, morning wood. Then I processed what I was seeing and looked under my own covers. I was naked. I looked around the room - our clothes were tossed everywhere. I mean...I knew what happened, and I think he could guess what happened, but he needed me to say it. Or did he? Maybe it’d be better if I didn’t tell him.
“I...I don’t remember,” I said with absolutely no confidence.
Bill grunted at that. “You’re a shitty liar,” he said.
I shook my swimming head - just that motion disoriented me. “Ok I think I remember things but...I mean...I don’t want it to get...weird.”
He shrugged. “Like it’s not already weird?”
I sighed deeply - he wasn’t wrong. “I...I remember doing things on the couch, and then I was on the couch on top...oh God, I was on top of like you were really happy…”
Bill rolled his eyes and held up a hand. Either he didn’t believe it or he didn’t wanna hear anymore - I could totally understand either. “Let’s just...I don’t even wanna...fuck we didn’t even close the door.”
I looked over to the door to my office. It was wide open, and beyond I could see the full length mirror I’d set up in the corner for affirmation exercises. And beyond, the door to the counseling center was open…
“FUCK,” I breathed, “Bill the fucking doors are all open!!”
“Relax,” he mused, “No one comes in this building on Sundays. No one woulda seen anything.”
“No,” I whispered as though whispering would turn us both into ghosts and make us disappear. “Look! That mirror, it’s pointing out into the counseling center…”
I clambered over the bed to find and struggle my underwear on. “There’s a security camera out there!”
I saw reality smack Bill in waves. He looked like a confused prize fighter being taken down by an invisible featherweight. Finally he sputtered, “Well fuck Chris why are the goddamned doors open?!”
I pulled on my shirt. “We...were smoking cigars and it got all smoky.” I stumbled out of the makeshift bedroom, into my office and then into the counseling area. Bill followed shortly behind - he’d found my robe hanging behind the door and put that on. He was in a robe and I was in underwear, but fuck it, if that camera caught what it probably caught that would be the least of our worries.
I logged into Joe’s computer, sweating whiskey and bullets. “I gotta have an excuse for why I logged in, he’s gonna see…”
“Fuck it, who gives a shit,” Bill seethed. He paced in short circles, undoubtedly imagining the holy hell if we HAD hooked up and a video of it ever found its way outside the office.
Finally I pulled it up. The recorded video file from the night before. I was just gonna just trash it; then curiosity hit me. “I...I could just delete it,” I swallowed dryly, my mouth a desert. “Or...we could play it first.”
Bill stopped dead. He looked at me emptily, I guess deciding if he’d prefer to know the whole truth or to be left always wondering. Finally he circled around the desk to stand behind me. “Fuck it,” was all he said.
I took a deep breath, clicked play, and fast forwarded to around 1 am. There it was. The camera was set far back in the counseling center but it was pointed directly at my door, and with the video in full screen we could easily see the two shapes sitting in my office, chatting, having a good time. We lit cigars. More talking. Suddenly, the larger of the two shapes, the broad muscled and silver haired man, leaned into the smaller. We were kissing. Then things seemed to get more aggressive. The larger shape pushed papers off the coffee table, yanked the smaller onto it, fiddled with his belt, and then buried its head in the smaller shape’s crotch. He was giving me a blowjob. After a few minutes I clearly returned the favor, his larger shape propped against the couch, head back, enjoying the experience of having finally had his cock sucked after far too long.
And then Bill and I watched as I pulled down my pants awkwardly, looming over him as he leaned back on the couch, and my ass thrusted forward. He was getting fucked.
“Fuck,” said Bill, predictably uncomfortable, “can we fast forward?”
I sped the video up. We fucked some on the couch, then stumbled half-dressed to the bedroom. The mirror in the corner of my office framed us perfectly. It was even harder to see what exactly was happening in bed, but from the movements and from what we’d already seen, it was pretty clear to both of us what we spent the rest of the night doing.
I glanced over at Bill who was leaning over my shoulder. I hazarded a glance down into his (my) open robe. He was hard. He was hard?
“Damn,” he said, and then left an awkward pause before saying plainly, “I kinda hoped I was on top once.”
I just stared at him in dead silence. He laughed. He LAUGHED. “Come on man, please don’t let this make things weird.” There was a troubled edge to what he’d tried to express casually. He was much, much more concerned about things being weird between us than WHY they might’ve gotten weird.”
I chuckled nervously. “Ok but...I wanna delete this file now.”
“Yeah yeah, of course, delete it,” he waved and stepped back contemplatively. He looked down the hall at the glass doors that led to the entrance area, as though someone might appear. Of course they wouldn’t - he was right, no one would be here on Sunday. He just looked up, rolling his eyes. “Starting to remember it anyway.”
“What do you remember?”
“You in my mouth,” he mumbled uncomfortably. “And inside me. I’m amazed my fuckin ass isn’t dying now, you were like a goddamn jackrabbit.”
He was suddenly so matter of fact and so cool about what he was now remembering that I had to shock-laugh. “ are you so cool about this?”
“I know this isn’t gonna make a lick of sense to you, but it does to me. Chris, it happens. I haven’t been with Lydia in forever. You haven’t been with your girl, what was her name, Lucy, in forever. We were drunk and lonely and desperate and super horny. A lot of guys went through the same thing when we were at Al Dhafra.”
“Yeah but you told me those guys just jacked off together, they didn’t…” he grinned slyly. “Wait…they did?”
He nodded awkwardly, acknowledging silently having left out what was obviously a key part of the story. “ I said, desperate. I think pretty much much every dude in my unit paired off and fucked around at least once. Like your Greek warriors maybe. We never talked about it but we knew it happened. It wasn’t gay.” He paused and took in my shocked expression. “Well yeah, it was pretty gay I guess. But it was desperate gay. Prison gay. Also the worst kept secret on base.” He chuckled to himself. ”Pretty sure I was the only guy that didn’t do it. Maybe there was a part of me that always wondered what I missed out on. I guess now I know.”
I shook my head, just kinda taking in how cool he seemed to be with what happened. “Did you...I can’t believe I’m asking this...did you at least enjoy last night?”
He looked up and to the right, pondering it a bit. Then he smiled down at me. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess I did. Did you?”
I wasn’t as brave as him - I looked away, smiling awkwardly. “Yeah. I mean getting past the weirdness of it, it was so long since I’d been with anyone and was pretty fucking amazing.” I looked down again, or rather eye level, at Bill’s erection poking through the robe. He saw my gaze and looked down at it himself. There was no denying it was there, and pretending he wasn’t clearly horny and inches from my face seemed absolutely futile. “The only thing is...I mean I fucked you, but did you fuck me?”
He pondered that. “I don’t think so.”
“That seems...unfair,” I said a bit weakly, grinning up at him sheepishly, offering a kind of unspoken “so maybe I’m curious about what it’d be like to get fucked now.”
He grinned down at me. “Did you stop that camera? Is it recording us?”
I chuckled. “It’s stopped.”
“Good. I don’t have anywhere to be for a while. So...maybe you and I can fill in some of the gaps from last night?”
He thrust his erection lightly toward my face. I grasped it in one hand, pointing it to my lips. I looked up. “No matter what, this stays between us, right?”
He nodded, putting a hand behind my head. “Just between us,” he insisted, and pushed his cock into my mouth.
If you haven’t looked into some of the pioneering research into memory by Beth Loftus, I highly recommend it. Loftus is the leading authority on false memory, having proven in multiple studies how hilariously and spectacularly unreliable our own memories can be. We want to believe that our memories are sacrosanct keepers of truthful personal experiences, but in reality memories are wildly easy to hack and manipulate. In particular when there are specific gaps in our memory you might assume that we accept that emptiness and move on but in truth we struggle unconsciously with the fear and implications of memory loss and we will cling to any evidence of our activities that might fill in those gaps, even allowing the implications of that evidence to imprint themselves as apparently genuine memory, whatever those new, and potentially false, memories might cause us to question about ourselves.
His name was George. He was an escort based in Gatlinburg, and like a lot of escorts based in the Tennessee mountains who swore they weren’t gay, they just needed the money, he was older and muscular and manly and a “total top.” He didn’t need to be a perfect match. His broad upper body and silver grey hair and perpetual stubble were exactly what I needed. I sent him a message online, and he called me on my cell. $200, he said, plus expenses to get to and from Copperhill, for one night. Only thing: he never bottomed, and was never going to. I countered: $350 if that “only thing” could go away. I heard the agonized pause in his voice, the calculus he weighed before he agreed. $350 is a lot of money in rural Tennessee, first dick in the ass or not.
He arrived at my office on a Saturday night, a night I’d told Bill I was going to have a rare late evening client so we couldn’t meet for our usual drink-and-chat. I offered him a cigar and a few glasses of Maker’s Mark, and we shared a little friendly banter. When I’d had a few drinks in me I told him my fantasy: that we’re just a couple of friends who get way too drunk, that he makes a move on me, that we’d trade blowjobs on my couch and coffee table and I’d take his virginity on my couch, then we’d move on to the bedroom in the back of my office where I’d fuck him senseless. He blanched at that, but he’d agreed and come all this way. He knew it was part of the deal.
After George left Sunday morning I collected and saved the remnants of the cigars, and I even took a picture of the room as it looked, papers strewn from the coffee table where George had in his zest to play his role pushed them aside, so I could recreate it exactly. Most importantly I checked the video recording of our tryst. The low quality feed didn’t perfectly capture either George’s face or mine, just the general shapes and colors and movements of our bodies and heads. But of course, that was the point. I just needed Bill, watching later, to see a blurry and redated video of what could only logically be he and I and the culmination of one evening’s stupid, drunken mistake and, with the replanted cigars and papers and my having carried his blackout self into bed with me and tossed off his clothes, for him to decide that we’d not only had sex, that he’d not only taken my dick inside him, but that he’d absolutely loved every moment of it. From there, he could choose: accept that it was a one night thing, a crazy drunken moment between friends that would never happen again; or decide that he wanted it to be the first of many drunken moments we’d have together and hide together from the rest of the town.
I could work with either choice. He just happened to pick my favorite.
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2020.07.30 20:47 neizero How the Hindutva ideology is rooted in misogyny

Hindutva is not the Sanskrit name for Hinduism as the Hindutvadis would want you to believe. It is a pseudonym.
The Hindutva movement has been described as a variant of "right-wing extremism" and as "almost fascist in the classical sense", adhering to a disputed concept of homogenised majority and cultural hegemony.
Coming to misogyny and Hindutva: As arbitrary as the comparison may look, misogyny is essentially ingrained in Hindutva. Apart from being Neo-Fascism, Hindutva also includes rape culture. This conclusion doesn't come from anecdotes even though Hindutvadis regularly give rape threats and normalize it, both online and in real life. This comes from the words of the founder of Hindutva; Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.
Here is a direct quote:
"In order to reward the meritorious service of the choicest Maratha warriors in this Hindu - Muslim war, at least as many Muslim girls must be captured, converted to Hinduism and presented to them, as were Hindu girls distributed by Tipu to his select brigade."
-'Veer' Savarkar (Six glorious epoch of Indian history [1963] )
A book written in 1963 - proposing what must be done after a Hindu - Muslim civil war. Read the book and you will find not only this, but much worse ‘direct quotes’ explicitly supporting the capture and subjugation of Indian Muslim women, while putting the men to death ala practises of ancient Aryan tribes.
Savarkar also cites examples from the human world too. For instance, he wrote, the African “wild tribes” kill only their male enemies, but not their women, who are distributed among the victors. This is because these tribes consider it their duty to increase their numbers through the progeny of abducted women. Similarly, he wrote that a Naga tribe in India kills women of rival tribes whom they can’t capture because they believe, rightly so, that paucity of women would enhance the possibility of their enemies dwindling in number.
Savarkar said that the Muslim conquerors of Africa too followed this tradition. Immediately thereafter, he spoke of the well-wishers of Ravana who advised him to return to Rama his wife, Sita, whom he had abducted. They said it was highly irreligious to have kidnapped Sita. Savarkar quotes Ravana saying,
“What? To abduct and rape the womenfolk of the enemy, do you call it irreligious? It is Parodharmah, the greatest duty!”
It is in this paradigm of ethics that Savarkar mooted the idea of rape as a political tool. He articulated it as a wish, through a question:
"What if Hindu kings, who occasionally defeated their Muslim counterparts, had also raped their women?"
Savarkar justified the use of rape as a political tool. In fact, he wished for rape to be used a political tool.
And let me be clear, Hindutva is not a religion, it is a political ideology. It has nothing to do with Hinduism in the first place. Even Savarkar had said that "Hindutva is Indianness, not hinduness."
Source :
Hindutvavad in itself has been very cruel to women. For example,

Manusmriti and misogyny:


RSS and Manusmriti:

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh initially did not recognise the Constitution of India, strongly criticising it because the Indian Constitution made no mention of "Manu's laws" – from the ancient Hindu text Manusmriti. When the Constituent Assembly finalised the constitution, the RSS mouthpiece, the Organiser, complained in an editorial dated 30 November 1949:

But in our constitution, there is no mention of that unique constitutional development in ancient Bharat... To this day his laws as enunciated in the Manusmriti excite the admiration of the world and elicit spontaneous obedience and conformity. But to our constitutional pundits that means nothing.
It must not come as a surprise that modern Hindutvadis think the same. As heinous and disgusting as it sounds, it is clearly evident that rape is a part of Hindutva and Hindutva would never be complete without it.
With the prevailing mindset of the normalisation of rape in Hindutvadis, sending rape threats for example; it is safe to conclude that a very large number(if not the majority) of Hindutvadis do support the use of rape as a political tool. Hence Hindutva is rape culture.
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2020.07.30 06:46 cherenkov_blue Singapore is a Meritocracy* [EXTRA LONG POST]

Singapore is a Meritocracy* [EXTRA LONG POST]
Edit: Thank you for all the comments and chat messages! I'm trying to go through each one. Writing thoughtful comments in the midst of having a full-time job is HARD WORK. I think I've missed a few questions, drop me a message if you're interested in continuing a discussion, I'm open to listening! There has been a lot of good comments, a few with great perspectives, and now I have a whole lot of things to read up on.
Now that the 2020 General Election is firmly in our rear-view mirror, there is something that I have been meaning to write about: institutionalized racism affecting the minorities, especially the Malays, in Singapore. If you are groaning at this thinking you have been misled by this post’s title, I assure you that by the end of this post you will understand the caveat behind the above-mentioned title. I plead for a little of your time and patience.
We have seen many discussions online about majority privilege and systemic racism impacting the minorities. Many of you may have even participated in some of these discussions. I will not try to explain those terms for they have already been repeatedly debated to death. What this post aims to achieve is to bring to light Singapore’s history and government policies that have either benefited the majority race or kneecapped the minority race. Or both.
Why am I doing this?
It is frustrating to see some Singaporeans fully buying into the narrative that Singapore is a truly meritocratic society; that the government’s policies do not discriminate against minorities, or if a Singaporean worked hard enough he or she will succeed (whatever the definition of success is), or that we have anti-discriminatory laws that protect the minorities. Some even claim that the Malays enjoy special privileges due to Section 152 of the Constitution describing the special position of Malays, and that the Malays are blessed with free education in Singapore.
Section 152, “Special Position”, free education for all Malays?
Minorities and special position of Malays
152.—(1) It shall be the responsibility of the Government constantly to care for the interests of the racial and religious minorities in Singapore.
(2) The Government shall exercise its functions in such manner as to recognise the special position of the Malays, who are the indigenous people of Singapore, and accordingly it shall be the responsibility of the Government to protect, safeguard, support, foster and promote their political, educational, religious, economic, social and cultural interests and the Malay language.
The oft-mentioned Section 152 of the Constitution was an administrative continuation of previously existing colonial policy towards the Malays [Col: 126]. Regardless of the “special position” of the Malays, the only form of assistance rendered to the Malays was the policy of free education for all Malay students. This minimal approach of the government did little to improve the educational and socio-economic standing of the Malays as revealed by the 1980 national census. The free tertiary education policy was ultimately removed in 1990, despite opposition from Malays who questioned the constitutionality of its removal [col: 126].
With free education for all Malays, why haven’t their socio-economic and educational standings improved?
There are many factors to look at, and the issue goes way back to the colonial era so that’s where we shall start. The colonial administrators of Singapore, in their pursuit of capitalistic gains, had little use for the native inhabitants. The natives who were already living off their own land had no desire to work for the British as labourers. The British saw this unwillingness to work for them as indolence, and ascribed many other negative cultural stereotypes to the locals [pdf]. Nailing home the capitalistic intent of colonial presence in Singapore, the British Director of Education R. O. Winstedt explained their policy for education for the natives in 1920 [pg. 2]:
"The aim of the government is not to turn out a few well-educated youths, nor a number of less well-educated boys; rather it is to improve the bulk of the people, and to make the son of a fisherman or a peasant a more intelligent fisherman or peasant than his father had been, and a man whose education will enable him to understand how his lot in life fits in with the scheme of life around him".
And in 1915, a British resident revealed the colonial attitude towards education [pg. 3]:
"The great object of education is to train a man to make a living.... you can teach Malays so that they do not lose their skill and craft in fishing and jungle work. Teach them the dignity of manual labour, so that they do not all become krannies (clerks) and I am sure you will not have the trouble which has arisen in India through over education"
The type and quality of education that the British set up for the native inhabitants show that they had no intentions to empower the locals with skills for a new economy. The education provided, while free, was to make sure the locals were kept out of trouble for the British, and remain subservient to the colonial causes. Further impeding the socio-economic status of Malays, the British actively discouraged Malays in switching from agricultural production to more lucrative cash crops, preventing the building of wealth among the Malay communities (Shahruddin Ma’arof, 1988: 51). In contrast to the British suppression of the buildup of Malay wealth and provision of vernacular education, Chinese businessmen, clan associations and Christian missionaries established Chinese schools where students were taught skills like letter-writing and the use of the abacus. By the turn of the 20th century, the curriculum in these Chinese-language schools expanded to include arithmetic, science, history and geography while Malay-language schools under Winstedt’s educational policies focused on vernacular subjects such as basket-weaving.
So, when Singapore attained self-governance, did things get better?
Discontent with the education system and social inequalities was already a big issue in the mid 1950s that the parties that contested for the Legislative Assembly championed for reforms to social issues like better education systems, housing subsidies and workers rights.
The People’s Action Party (PAP) won the 1959 Legislative Assembly general elections by running on a rather progressive platform of low-cost housing, improvement of employment opportunities for locals and a stronger education. They also campaigned for abolishing the inequality of wealth in their election manifesto (Petir, 1958: 2), with PAP chairman Dr Toh Chin Chye expressing his disgust at seeing “so many of our people reduced to living like animals because under the present social and economic system, the good things of life are for the ruthless few, those who believe that the poor and the humble are despicable failures.”
With the PAP in power, assurances were made to Singaporeans that no community would be left behind. In 1965, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew promised aid specifically to help raise the economic and education levels of the Malays. In 1967 during a mass rally at Geylang Serai, PM Lee again promised that “the Government with the support of the non-Malays are prepared to concentrate more than the average share of our resources on our Malay citizens [pdf].” He emphasized the importance of lifting all sections of the community to an even footing, reasoning that “if one section of the community were to lag behind it would harm the unity and integrity of the nation” (Bedlington, 1974: 289).
Despite these promises to help the minorities narrow the inequality gap, very little was done to realize it. Instead, the government took a ruthless approach towards economic growth, sparing no expense. Deputy Prime Minister Goh Keng Swee explained the government’s main concern was “to generate fast economic growth by any and every possible means. . . . If unequal distribution of income induced greater savings and investment . . . then this must be accepted as the price of fighting unemployment.” (Goh, 1972: 275)
By the late 1970s, a strong shift in parents’ preference towards an English-medium education for their children had resulted in a rapid decline in the number of vernacular schools.
Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, there was a shift of parents’ preference towards educating their child in the English stream. This shift, together with a period of minimal intervention in terms of educational policy and assistance to the minorities by the government, caused the number of enrolments in vernacular schools to rapidly decline. The socio-economic gap also widened between the Malays and Chinese, as the Chinese community enjoyed greater occupational mobility relative to the minorities. This can be seen in the shift in the lower manual occupation category, from a relatively equal proportion in 1957 to a 10 percent difference in 1980 [Table A]. In 1980, the average Malay household income was only 73.8 percent of the average Chinese household income. The income gap widened considerably by 1990, where the average Malay household income dropped to 69.8 percent of the average Chinese household income [Table B] (Rahim, 1998: 19-22). Decades after the lofty promises were made by the government, the Malay community’s slide into marginality continued.
Table A

Table B
Wait, the gap got bigger? Did the government do anything?
In 1979, Education Minister Dr Goh Keng Swee with the Education Study Team released a report on the Ministry of Education, more widely known as the Goh Report. The team was made up of 13 members, most of them systems analysts and economists, and none of whom ‘possess much knowledge or expertise on education’ (Goh Report, 1979: 1). The all-Chinese team excluded social scientists and educationalists, as the Education Minister had little regard for their expertise (Rahim, 1998: 121). The Goh Report made recommendations for radical changes to the educational system, recommendations which then became the basis of the New Education System (NES).
During a time when Tamil, Malay and Chinese schools were getting closed down due to declining enrolment numbers due to the popularity of English medium ones, the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) was introduced in 1978 to preserve and develop nine Chinese schools into bilingual (Mandarin and English) schools while retaining the values and traditions of a Chinese school. As part of the NES, these schools were to be the only ones to offer the Special course which the top 10 percent scorers of the PSLE are eligible to opt for. With these schools getting more resources, better facilities and the best teachers, the SAP contradicts the multi-racial principle of giving equal treatment to the non-English language streams. This exclusivity and the elite status of SAP schools affords its students better opportunities and advantages that are virtually out of reach for many minorities in Singapore. Effectively, the SAP is an institutionalized form of ethnic/cultural favouritism (Rahim, 1998: 130)
The NES also introduced early streaming for students which further exacerbated existing inequalities. Despite primary school education being free for all Singaporeans, families with better financial means have a huge advantage in preparing their child for streaming through additional tuition and better preschool choices#. (Barr & Low, 2005: 177) As we have seen from the disparity in household incomes between the Chinese and Malays, early streaming served to widen the gap between the haves and have-nots. The have-nots, more often than not, find themselves in the lower streams, trapped with very limited options providing upward social mobility. They will have to face an insurmountable task to lift themselves and their future generations out of their current predicament.
In 1982, the PAP slogan “a more just and equal society” was quietly dropped from the party’s constitution. This signaled an end to the socialist ideals that the party built its identity upon.
Why? It can’t be that the government favours one race over another...can it?
Examining the PAP leadership’s attitude towards the different cultures and ethnicities is key to understanding what the government values and how these values shaped its policies. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, as quoted in the Goh Report, extolled the values of East Asian philosophies: "The greatest value in the teaching and learning of Chinese is in the transmission of the norms of social or moral behaviour. This means principally Confucianist beliefs and ideas, of man [sic], society and the state" (Goh, 1979: v). The government’s championing of SAP schools and ‘Chinese values’ is also complemented by the launch of ‘Speak Mandarin Campaign’ in 1979.
In 1991, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong espoused similar values as his predecessor, praising the virtues of ‘Confucian dynamism’ and claiming that Singapore would not be able to thrive and prosper without the Confucian core values of thrift, hard work and group cohesion. The fear of erosion of the Chinese cultural identity was never matched with a similar concern for the erosion of minority cultural identities, where the minorities were “expected to submit to a form of partial or incomplete assimilation into a Chinese-generated, Chinese-dominated society.#” (Barr & Low, 2005: 167)
On top of favouring Chinese cultural values and identities, the PAP leadership associated the cultures of the minorities with negative connotations. Speaking about a Malay who did well in business, Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew described the man as “acting just like a Chinese. You know, he’s bouncing around, running around, to-ing and fro-ing. In the old culture, he would not be doing that” (Han, et al., 1998: 184). In a Straits Times article on 26 June 1992, SM Lee also implied that the Chinese are inherently better at Maths, and that "If you pretend that the problem does not exist, and that in fact (the Malays) can score as well as the Chinese in Maths, then you have created yourself an enormous myth which you will be stuck with.+"
These attitudes from the ruling elite translated into more policies that preserved the advantage of the majority. When faced with the “pressing national problem”* of a declining birth-rate of the Chinese, the government took steps to ensure Chinese numerical dominance in Singapore. The Singapore government encouraged the immigration of skilled workers from countries like Hong Kong, Korea, and Macau, countries which were accorded the status of ‘traditional sources’ of foreign labour (Rahim, 1998: 72). Meanwhile, showing the government’s preference and/or dislike for specific groups of people, Malaysian Malays faced great difficulty in getting work permits. (“‘Harder’ for bumiputras to get S’pore work permits.+”, The Straits Times, 7 Mar 1991)
Another policy which worked to preserve the advantage of the majority was the urban resettlement programmes of the 1960s and 1970s. This resulted in the dissolution of the Malay electoral strongholds in the east, undermining the organic growth of Malay political grassroots. When it became apparent in the 1980s that the Malays were moving back to the traditional Malay residential areas, an ethnic residential quota, labelled the Ethnic Integration Policy, was implemented. The rationale behind the quota was to ensure a balanced racial mix, purportedly for racial harmony. However, this rationale does not stand up to scrutiny in the face of numerous academic studies on interethnic urban attitudes and relations**. Another consequence of the policy is the reinforcement of racial segregation when taking into account the income disparity between the races. Underlining the weakness of the government’s reasoning, constituencies like Hougang were allowed to remain Chinese residential enclaves despite its population being approximately 80 percent Chinese. (Rahim, 1998: 73-77)
Perhaps the most controversial policy introduced was the Graduate Mothers Scheme. It was introduced in 1983 to reverse the trend of falling fertility rates of graduate women versus the rising birth-rate of non-graduate women***. In a push to encourage graduate mothers to get married and have children, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Goh Keng Swee unveiled a suite of incentives; all-expenses paid love-boat cruises for eligible graduate singles in the civil service, a computer dating service, fiscal incentives, and special admissions to National University of Singapore (NUS) to even out the male-female student ratio#. At the other end of the spectrum, lesser-educated women were encouraged to have smaller families in a scheme called the Small Family Incentive Scheme. This was achieved by paying out a housing grant worth S$10,000 to women who were able to meet the following set of conditions: be below 30 years of age, have two or less children, educational level not beyond secondary school, have a household income totalling not more than S$1,500 and willing to be sterilized#.
Based on the average household income statistics, a simple deduction could be made that those eligible for the sterilization programme were disproportionately from the minority communities.
Isn’t that eugenics?
Yes. Singapore had a government-established Eugenics Board.
The graduate mothers and sterilization programmes were greatly unpopular and were ultimately abandoned or modified after the PAP’s mandate took a 12.9 percent hit in the 1984 general election. However that did not mean that eugenics stopped being an influence in policy-making.
In his 1983 National Day address, PM Lee stated that when it comes to intelligence, “80 per cent is nature, or inherited, and 20 per cent the differences from different environments and upbringing.” This is telling of the role that eugenics, biological determinist and cultural deficit theories played in the formation of PAP policies.
To further safeguard Singapore from “genetic pollution” (Rahim, 1998: 55, Tremewan, 1994: 113), the Ministry of Labour in 1984 issued a marriage restriction between work permit holders and Singaporeans. The work permit holder would have his work permit cancelled, be deported and be permanently barred from re-entering Singapore if he were to marry a Singaporean or permanent resident without obtaining prior approval. Approval from the Commissioner for Employment would only be given if the work permit holder possesses skills and qualifications of value to Singapore.
Doesn’t sound to me like the government targets any particular race with its policies.
Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in 1987 rationalized that certain posts in the Singapore Armed Forces had been closed to Malays for "national security" reasons. He claimed that this policy was implemented to avoid placing Malays in an awkward position when loyalty to nation and religion came into conflict. PM Lee also added that the Malays behaved more as Malay Muslims than as loyal Singaporeans. PM Lee and DPM Lee’s statements finally made explicit what many suspected to have been an implicit rule. It could be observed that, despite being overrepresented in the civil service, Malays tend to stay in the lower-to-middle rungs of organizations like the SAF. It is also noteworthy that, to date, no Malay has held important Cabinet portfolios such as Minister of Defence, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Trade and Industry.
The conflation of loyalty to the country with approval of the ruling party proved to be patently flawed, as studies by the Institute of Policy Studies (ST, 30 Sept 1990: 22; IPS, 2010) indicate that Singaporean Malays showed a stronger sense of national pride and identification compared to the other major ethnic groups. The study also found that Citizen-Nation Psychological Ties (CNP) scores, that is, national loyalty, weakens with: higher socio-economic status, Chinese, youth, and political alienation. Even when the Malays have been historically disenfranchised, they were found to be proud to be Singaporeans, loyal to Singapore and more willing to sacrifice for the nation than the other ethnic groups.
Additionally, Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong threatened to withhold aid to the Malay self-help organization Mendaki in 1988. The threat was issued over an incident during election night where several Malays in a crowd of Workers Party supporters had jeered at PM Goh at a vote counting centre. It became apparent from this incident that any aid offered by the government was tied to loyalty to the PAP instead of it being the duty of the government to serve Singaporeans regardless of party affiliation^^.
There have always been Malay PAP Members of Parliament (MP), did they not help fight for these issues?
The Malay PAP MPs are in the unique position of having to represent not only people of their constituents but also the rest of the Malay Singaporeans while toeing the party line. With many of the government policies being unhelpful towards the Malays, it is near impossible to fulfill this role satisfactorily. PAP MPs Ahmad Haleem (Telok Blangah) and Sha’ari Tadin (Kampong Chai Chee, Bedok) were both made to enjoy early retirements from their political careers for bringing up “sensitive” issues of the Malay community^^^. This set the tone for future PAP Malay MPs to remain unquestioningly in step with the leadership, regardless of their personal agreement, in order to have a long career within the party. Today, Malay PAP MPs have continued with the trend of parroting PAP policies that ran against the interests of the Malay/Muslim community (e.g. Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim with regards to the tudung issue).
What about the Mendaki and the Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS)?
The policy providing free education for all Malays was ended in 1990 despite opposition from the Malays and the opposition party[Col: 126]. In its place, Mendaki introduced TTFS in 1991 to subsidise the cost of tertiary education in local institutions for those living in low household income. Due to the long history of marginalization and the widening of the inequality gap, the number of Malays who were able to make it to tertiary education institutions, especially in local universities, have been disproportionately low compared to the other ethnic groups. As such, the number of students able to benefit from this subsidy is even lower.
It was only recently, 20 years after the introduction of the subsidy, that the criteria for eligibility underwent revision. The revision takes into account the size of the family of the applicant, allowing for more Malay students to benefit from it. However, this subsidy is only one measure in an attempt to ensure that Malays students who were able to qualify for tertiary education are able to do so. Short of totally ditching streaming, more care, thought and resources are needed to lift the quality and accessibility of education for the Malays, especially in the early years of a child’s education.
So what needs to happen now?
Singaporeans, especially politicians, need to move on from making assertions similar to what PM Lee had made in 1987, that the "problem is psychological . . . if they try hard enough and long enough, then the education gap between them and the Chinese, or them and the Indians, would close. . . . Progress or achievement depends on ability and effort." It is important for Singaporeans to recognize the nearly Sisyphean task faced by marginalized communities in improving their socio-economic standing. Handicapped right from the start, their perceived failures in our “meritocratic” society should not be judged as an indictment of their efforts, but influenced in no small measure by the failings of the state in dragging their feet to take action. As a community, Singaporeans need to actively combat negative stereotyping, and move away from policies that were rooted in eugenics. Government intervention into ensuring unbiased, fair hiring practices would also help in raising the standing of the marginalized minorities. It would be impossible for Singapore to live up to its multiracial, meritocratic ideals without making fundamental changes to the above mentioned policies.
# Academic journal behind a paywall. Most tertiary institutions should have partnerships with these journals, so you are likely able view them if you have a student email address.
+ Online scan of the article is unavailable
\* The declining birth-rate of the Chinese was one of three pressing national problems, according to PM Lee in a National Day rally speech in 1988; the others being education and the growing number of unmarried graduates [at approx 29 mins].
\* From Lily Zubaidah Rahim’s* The Singapore Dilemma (1998: 76-77): Rabushka’s (Rabushka, Alvin (1971), ‘Integration in Urban Malaya: Ethnic Attitudes Among Malays and Chinese’, 91-107) study found that it was common for people living in ethnically homogeneous areas to adopt favourable attitudes towards other ethnic groups. People who resided in ethnically mixed areas but did not mix with other ethnic groups were also found to hold negative attitudes towards others. He postulated that physical proximity coupled with superficial interaction across ethnic lines may in fact lead to heightened contempt for other ethnic groups. Urban studies (Fischer, Claude (1976), The Urban Experiment*) have similarly found that close physical distance of different ethnic groups does not necessarily result in narrowing the social distance between the communities. Indeed, physical ethnic proximity in large cities may well engender mutual revulsion and a heightening of ethnocentrism. These research findings have been corroborated by several Singaporean studies (Hassan, Riaz (1977),* ‘Families in Flats: A Study of Low Income Families in Public Housing’; Lai, Ah Eng (1995), ‘Meanings of Multiethnicity: A Case Study of Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations in Singapore’) which have found interethnic relations in the ethnically integrated public housing flats to be relatively superficial.
\** In the same article, PM Lee drew a straight line connecting the Malays with lower educational levels in this line of rhetoric questioning: “Why is the birth rate between the Malays, and the Chinese and Indians so different? Because the educational levels achieved are also different.”*
^ The stronger representation of Malays in civil service and Western multinational corporations was likely due to the difficulty in seeking employment in local firms. Prevalence of negative stereotyping of Malays meant that a Malay job applicant has to be much better qualified to be considered for a job in a local firm (Rahim, 1998: 25). A recent study into this phenomenon can be found here#.
^^ The PAP’s quid pro quo policy was put under the spotlight again in 2011, when PM Lee made it clear that the government’s neighbourhood upgrading programmes prioritised PAP wards over opposition wards.
^^^ PAP MP Ahmad Haleem raised the “sensitive” issue of the government’s exclusionary policy towards Malays in National Service, which adversely affected socio-economic standing of the Malay community [Col: 144]. PAP MP Sha’ari Tadin was actively involved in Malay community organizations and helped to organize a 1971 seminar on Malay participation in national development (Rahim, 1998: 90).
Recommended Reading:
The Myth of the Lazy Native: A study of the image of the Malays, Filipinos and Javanese from the 16th to the 20th century and its function in the ideology of colonial capitalism [pdf].
The Singapore Dilemma: The Political and Educational Marginality of the Malay Community.
Eugenics on the rise: A report from Singapore#.
Assimilation as multiracialism: The case of Singapore’s Malay#.
Racism and the Pinkerton syndrome in Singapore: effects of race on hiring decisions#.
Bedlington, Stanley (1974), The Singapore Malay Community: The Politics of State Integration, Ph.D. thesis, Cornell University.
Chew, Peter K.H. (2008), Racism in Singapore: A Review and Recommendations for Future Research, James Cook University, Singapore.
Fook Kwang Han, Warren Fernandez, Sumiko Tan (1998) Lee Kuan Yew, the Man and His Ideas, Singapore Press Holding.
Goh, Keng Swee (1972), The Economics of Modernization and Other Essays, Singapore: Asia Pacific Press.
Michael D. Barr & Jevon Low (2005) Assimilation as multiracialism: The case of Singapore's Malays, Asian Ethnicity, 6:3, 161-182, DOI: 10.1080/14631360500226606
Rahim, Lily Z. (1998), The Singapore Dilemma: The political and educational marginality of the Malay community, Kuala Lumpur, Oxford University Press.
Shaharuddin Ma’aruf (1988), Malay Ideas on Development: From Feudal Lord to Capitalist, Times Book International, Singapore.
Tremewan, Christopher (1994), The Political Economy of Social Control in Singapore, London, Macmillan.
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2020.07.27 17:28 pahohi1327JJul Is There a F-ree Christian Da-ting Si-te ?

Is There a F-ree Christian Da-ting Si-te ?
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2020.07.27 17:26 pahohi1327JJul When Should a Christian Start Da-ting ?

When Should a Christian Start Da-ting ?
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
10 Rules for Christian Dating 100 Percent Free Christian Dating Sites African American Christian Dating African Christian Dating Sites Arab Christian Dating Online Arab Christian Dating Site Biblical Christian Dating Black Christian Dating Online Black Christian Senior Dating Sites Black Christian Singles Dating Sites Cheap Christian Dating Sites China Christian Dating Site Chinese Christian Dating Christian Boundaries for Dating Christian Chat Dating Christian Crush Dating Site Christian Dating Advice for Teenage Guys Christian Dating Agency Uk Christian Dating App India Christian Dating Belfast Christian Dating Books for Men Christian Dating Boundaries Kissing Christian Dating Chat Rooms Christian Dating Events Near Me Christian Dating Expectations Christian Dating for Free Australia Christian Dating Headlines Christian Dating Holding Hands Christian Dating in Europe Christian Dating in Switzerland Christian Dating in the Uk Christian Dating Ireland Christian Dating is He Interested 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2020.07.27 13:22 adopt27JJul What Should Christian Da-ting Look Like ?

What Should Christian Da-ting Look Like ?
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Badoo Dating United Kingdom Badoo Dating Uruguay Badoo Dating Uruguay Montevideo Badoo Dating Venezuela Caracas Badoo Dating Why Cant I Text Her Anymore Badoo Dating Winnipeg Badoo Dating Zambia Download Badoo Dating Zimbabwe Badoo Dating Zoeken Badoo Facebook Dating App Badoo Fiji Dating Site Badoo for Dating International Badoo Free Chat & Dating App Review Badoo Free Chat and Dating Apk Download Badoo Free Chat and Dating App Apk Badoo Free Chat and Dating Download Badoo Free Dating App Download Badoo Free Dating Sf Badoo Free Dating Website Badoo Gay Dating Site Badoo Hipster Dating App Badoo Hull Dating Badoo is Not a Dating Site Badoo Korea Dating App Badoo Luxembourg Dating Badoo Mobile Dating Site Badoo Most Downloaded Dating App Badoo Most Popular Dating App Badoo Nigerian Dating App Badoo on Line Dating Badoo Online Dating Apps Indians Badoo Online Dating Review Badoo Owner Dating Badoo Premium Dating 5.61.0 Apk Badoo Premium Dating Mega Mod Badoo Similar Dating Site Badoo 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Net Als Badoo Dating Sites Adultfriendfinder Adultspace Badoo Dating Sites Adultfriendfinder Adultspace Badoo Okcupid Dating Sites in Port Elizabeth Badoo Dating Sites Like Badoo 100 Free Dating Sites Similar Badoo Dating Sitespot Badoo 200 Dating Website Called Badoo Dating Websites Similar to Badoo Dating Women in Cali Colombia Badoo Does Badoo Work for Dating Download Badoo Dating Application Download Badoo Dating Site on Windows 10 Flirt Chat Dating Badoo Guide Free Dating Apps Badoo Free Dating Like Badoo Free Dating Sites Uk Badoo Free Dating Websites Like Badoo Free Download Badoo Chat Dating Free Online Dating Site Badoo Free Online Dating Uk Badoo Good Dating Site Badoo Gratis Dating Badoo How Do You Delete Badoo Dating Account How Many Free Days U Get on Badoo Dating Site How to Change Dating Years for Badoo How to Download Badoo Dating App How to Use Badoo Dating App Http Badoo Com Dating Https Dating United-states Oklahoma Sallisaw Page-148 Ib Badoo a Good Dating Sight Internet Dating Badoo Is Badoo a Good Dating Sight Is Badoo Dating App Free Is Badoo Dating App Safe Is Badoo Dating Free Is Badoo Dating Site Is Badoo Dating Website Is Badoo Good Dating Site It Badoo 100 Free Dating Jaron Sloane Badoo Dating Jaron Sloane Badoo Dating Profile Jaron+ Sloane Badoo Dating Jennifer 32 Years Old Badoo Dating Site Crystal Florida Jennifer 32 Years Old Badoo Dating Site Crystal River Florida Jennifer 32 Years Old Badoo Dating Site Florida Jennifer Badoo Dating 4260 Florida Jennifer Badoo Dating Site 4260 Florida Jennifer Badoo Dating Site 4260 N Beginning Path Florida 352 Jennifer Badoo Dating Site Crystal River Florida Jennifer Badoo Dating Site Crystal River Florida 352 Jennifer Badoo Dating Site Florida Jennifer Kitton777 Badoo Dating Site Jennifer Scholla Badoo Dating Site Crystal River Florida Join Badoo Dating Site Lesbian Dating Badoo List of Dating Site Like Badoo Locate Coco Female Macon Ga Badoo Dating Site Maria Chavez Dating Badoo Milagros Badoo 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Dating Boundaries Christian Filipina Dating Christian Dating Memes Christian Teen Dating Christian Dating Non Christian Christian Dating Principles Dating a Christian Girl Senior Christian Dating Who is Christian Mccaffrey Dating Christian Dating Questions Christian Dating Rules Christian Dating Service Christian Mingle Dating Christian Senior Dating Christian Women Dating Dating a Christian Man Dating a Christian Woman Atheist Dating a Christian Black Christian Dating Christian Dating Podcast Christian Dating Quotes Christian Dating a Muslim Christian Dating After Divorce Christian Dating Com Christian Books for Dating Couples Christian Cafe Dating Christian Dating Physical Boundaries Christian Dating Timeline Christian Dating Tips Dating a Christian Guy Reddit Christian Dating American Christian Dating Are Mitchel Cave and Christian Anthony Dating Arkansas Christian Dating Bumble for Christian Dating Catholic and Christian Dating Cbn Christian Dating Christian and Atheist Dating Christian Dating a Non Practicing Christian Christian Dating Advice for Single Moms Christian Dating Compatibility Christian Dating Devotional Books Christian Dating Europe Christian Dating First Date Christian Dating Hong Kong Christian Dating in Sweden Christian Dating Kissing Christian Dating Reviews Christian Dating Wisdom Christian Girls and Dating Christian Guys Dating Advice Christian Phone Dating Christian Rules for Teenage Dating Christian Senior Singles Dating Christian Singles Dating Kenya Christianity and Dating Dating a Widower Christian Advice Dating an Atheist as a Christian Dating an Evangelical Christian Dating Korean Christian Girl Dating Rules for Christian Singles Dating Timeline Christian Did Ana and Christian Dating in Real Life Friends First Christian Dating Good Christian Dating Advice How to Have a Good Christian Dating Relationship Korean Christian Dating Site List of Christian Dating Sites Love and Seek Christian Dating Mature Christian Dating Mature Christian Singles Dating Seven Prayers for Christian Dating Stages in Christian Dating Courtship Relationship When to Say I Love You Christian Dating Abstinence Christian Dating African American Christian Dating Sites Black American Christian Dating Site Black Christian Dating Com Born Again Christian Dating Sites Canada Born Again Christian Dating Sites in South Africa Brazilian Christian Dating Sites Calgary Christian Dating Site Cdate Christian Dating Christian Bikers Dating Christian Books on Dating and Marriage Christian Books on Dating and Relationships Christian Books to Read as a Dating Couple Christian Cafe Dating Login Christian Church Dating Site Christian Dating After 30 Christian Dating Agency London Christian Dating Atlanta Christian Dating Australia Reviews Christian Dating Dayton Ohio Christian Dating Florida Christian Dating in a Godless World Pdf Christian Dating in Malaysia Christian Dating in San Antonio Christian Dating Line Christian Dating No Sign Up Christian Dating Service Australia Christian Dating Site Ontario Christian Dating Sites for Young Adults Christian Dating Sites in New York Christian Dating Sites Ontario Christian Dating Taking a Break Christian Dating Tumblr Christian Dating Usa Christian Farmers Dating Christian German Dating Sites Christian Lifestyle Dating Site Reviews Christian Mingle Dating Service Phone Number Christian Principles for Dating Christian Quotes About Dating Relationships Christian Rules for Dating My Son Christian Senior Dating Reviews Christian Single Parents Dating Site Christian Vegan Dating Comparison of Christian Dating Sites Courting Christian Dating Dating a Born Again Christian Woman Dating Christian Dior Jewelry Dating on Christian Mingle Dating With a Purpose Christian Elite Christian Dating Filipino Christian Dating Site Gabby and Christian Survivor Dating Genuine Christian Dating Sites Good Christian Devotions for Dating Couples How to Start a Christian Dating Relationship How to Write a Christian Dating Profile International Christian Dating Agency Is Hinge a Christian Dating App Jewish and Christian Dating Just Christian Dating Australia Korean Christian Dating App Loveandseek Com Christian Singles Dating Service Match Com Christian Dating Orthodox Dating Christian Pakistani Christian Dating Patience in Dating Christian Plus Size Christian Dating Sites Popular Christian Dating Sites Questions for Christian Dating Couples Questions for Dating Christian Couples Questions to Ask While Dating Christian Reformed Christian Singles Dating Reputable Christian Dating Sites Single Christian Women Dating What Are Some Christian Dating Sites What Does the Bible Say About Dating Non Christians Who is Christian Kane Dating Www Christian Dating Singles Zim Christian Dating Are There Any Real Christian Dating Sites Attraction Christian Dating Born Again Christian Dating Northern Ireland Christian Advice on Interracial Dating Christian Baptist Dating Site Christian Books on Relationships and Dating Pdf Christian Cafe Dating Site Reviews Christian Casual Dating Christian Couples Dating Christian Dating Advice for Young Adults Christian Dating Advice How Far is Too Far Christian Dating Age Difference Christian Dating Agency Christian Dating an Unbeliever Christian Dating and Friendship Christian Dating Australia Christian Dating Biblical Principles Christian Dating Boundaries Book Christian Dating Cape Town Christian Dating Columbia Sc Christian Dating Dallas Texas Christian Dating Devotionals Christian Dating Events London Christian Dating Friend Zone Christian Dating Login Christian Dating Maine Christian Dating Matchmaker Christian Dating Quiz Christian Dating Rejection Christian Dating Sa Christian Dating Site in Finland Christian Dating Site Israel Christian Dating Sites Canada Reviews Christian Dating Sites Puerto Rico Christian Dating What to Look for in a Woman Christian Friend Dating Christian Friendship Dating Sites Christian Girl Dating Non Christian Guy Christian Guide to Teenage Dating Christian Herpes Dating Christian Keyes Dating Christian Man Dating Non Christian Woman Christian Net Dating Site Christian Only Dating Christian Senior Dating Service Christian Teens and Dating Christian Women and Dating Christian Youth Lesson on Dating Christianity on Dating Dating a New Christian Dating a Younger Christian Man Dating Advice for Christian Couples Divorced Christian Dating Fish Dating Site Christian French Christian Dating Site Funny Christian Dating Videos Fusion 101 Christian Dating Healthy Christian Dating How to Delete My Christian Dating for Free Account Is Christian Mingle a Free Dating Site Lgbt Christian Dating Uk List of Christian Dating Sites in Nigeria Mark Driscoll Christian Dating Match Com Christian Dating App Nigeria Christian Dating Site Older Christian Dating Sites One Christian Love Dating Site Popular Christian Dating Apps Reformed Christian Dating Site Safe Christian Dating Satanist and Christian Dating Sda Christian Singles Dating Teenage Christian Dating Guidelines What is Acceptable in Christian Dating What Should Christian Dating Look Like Worldwide Christian Dating Www Christian Dating Sites Young Christian Dating App Zoosk Christian Dating
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2020.07.27 13:11 blind27JJul What's Another Dat-ing Si-te Like P-of ?

What's Another Dat-ing Si-te Like P-of ?
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Pof Dating Apple Pof Dating Application Pof Dating Approval Clearance Pof Dating Apps Australia Pof Dating Apps Windows Pof Dating Arnaque Pof Dating Barrie on Pof Dating Bath Pof Dating Bath Ny Pof Dating Birmingham Poonam Pof Dating Birmingham Ramgarhia Pof Dating Blackberry App Pof Dating Boise Idaho Pof Dating Bots Pof Dating Brookville Indiana Pof Dating Buffalo Ny Pof Dating by City Ocala Pof Dating Cairns Pof Dating Campagnes Pof Dating Campaign Pof Dating Campaigns Pof Dating Campbell Ny Pof Dating Co Uk Pof Dating Coffs Pof Dating Colchester Pof Dating Combo List Pof Dating Comox Bc Pof Dating Corning Ny Pof Dating Cornwall on Pof Dating Coupons Pof Dating Cummi Gs Ga Pof Dating Customer Service Number Get Human Pof Dating Derby Pof Dating Derry Pof Dating Description Pof Dating Disasters Pof Dating Dundee Uk Pof Dating Elmira Pof Dating Elmira Corning Pof Dating Experiences Pof Dating Feedback Pof Dating France Pof Dating Free Apk App Pof Dating Full Site Pof Dating Guernsey Pof Dating Horror Stories Pof Dating Horseheads Ny Pof Dating Houston Tx Pof Dating Icons Pof Dating in Decatur Ga Pof Dating in Ga Pof Dating in Itunes Pof Dating in Lawrenceville Ga Pof Dating in Lithia Springs Ga Pof Dating Ithaca Pof Dating Ithaca Ny Pof Dating Katie Moquin Pof Dating Killer Pof Dating Kingston on Pof Dating Kingston Ont Pof Dating Lancaster Pa Pof Dating Lancaster Uk Pof Dating Lindley Pof Dating Locals Pof Dating Meaning Pof Dating Medway Pof Dating Melbourne Australia Pof Dating Mobile App Pof Dating Montreal Pof Dating Nanaimo Bc Pof Dating Near Smyrna Ga Pof Dating New Zealand Pof Dating Nightmares Pof Dating Not So Good Pof Dating Not Working Pof Dating Nz Pof Dating on Window Pof Dating on Window 7 32bit Pof Dating or Hang Out Pof Dating Orange Nsw Pof Dating Painted Post Ny Pof Dating Payant Pof Dating Pegging Pof Dating Peterborough on Pof Dating Pictures Pof Dating Pregnant Pof Dating Profile Example Pof Dating Profile Headlines Pof Dating Profile Pua Pof Dating Profile Template Pof Dating Profile Tips Pof Dating Questions Pof Dating Quotes Pof Dating Review Uk Pof Dating Rockhampton Pof Dating Russia Pof Dating Scams Ireland Pof Dating Search Engine Pof Dating Security Verification Scam Pof Dating Site Affiliate Sites Pof Dating Site Affiliated Sites Pof Dating Site America Pof Dating Site Cleveland Ohio Pof Dating Site Complaints Pof Dating Site Delete Pof Dating Site Email Address Pof Dating Site Emails Pof Dating Site Extension Pof Dating Site Hacked Pof Dating Site Have Viruses Pof Dating Site Have Viruses Today Pof Dating Site Headlines Pof Dating Site in El Paso Pof Dating Site in Los Banos Area Pof Dating Site Ireland Pof Dating Site Leaumont Pof Dating Site Meaning Pof Dating Site Men Pof Dating Site Mobile App Pof Dating Site Mobile App Download Pof Dating Site Mobile Application Pof Dating Site Molalla Pof Dating Site No One Responds Pof Dating Site Noone Responds Pof Dating Site Ottawa Pof Dating Site Page Pof Dating Site Profile Pof Dating Site Rating Pof Dating Site Spam Pof Dating Site Success Stories Pof Dating Site Thunder Bay Pof Dating Site Uk Free Pof Dating Site Video Call Pof Dating Site Where Scam Artists Are Pof Dating Site Wiki Pof Dating Sites Apps Pof Dating Sites Around Billings Montana Pof Dating Sites Email Pof Dating Sites Messaging Pof Dating South Africa Pof Dating Spain Pof Dating St John's Pof Dating Stockton Pof Dating Success Stories Pof Dating Sudbury Pof Dating Tacoma Wa Pof Dating Templates Pof Dating Thunder Bay Pof Dating Trenton on Pof Dating Ukraine Pof Dating Upgrade 26.95 Pof Dating Upgtade 26.95 Pof Dating Uptodown Pof Dating User Name Ideas Pof Dating Username Search Pof Dating Verification Pof Dating Wagga Pof Dating Watkins Glen Ny Pof Dating West Wales Pof Dating Winnipeg Mb Pof Dating Wollongong Pof Doncaster Dating Pof Eastbourne Dating Pof Fake Dating Site Pof Fish Free Dating Pof for Casual Dating Pof Forum Sex and Dating Pof Forum Sex Dating Pof Forums Sex and Dating Forums Pof Free Dating Apk App Pof Free Dating Apkpure Pof Free Dating App 3.83 Pof Free Dating App Apk4fun Pof Free Dating App Apkpure Pof Free Dating App App Store Pof Free Dating App Apple Pof Free Dating App Free Download Pof Free Dating App Google Play Pof Free Dating App Icon Pof Free Dating App Latest Version Pof Free Dating App Nedir Pof Free Dating App V5.40 Unlimited Premium Pof Free Dating Dating Premium Apk Download Pof Free Dating Uptodown Pof Free Online Dating Itunes Pof Free Online Dating Old Versions Android Pof Free Online Dating Review Pof Good Dating Profile Examples for Guys Pof Images Dating Pof Knoxville Women Dating Pof Leading Free Online Dating Site Singles Personals Pof Like Dating Site for 30's and 40's Pof Login Shepparton Dating Personals Pof Madison Wi Dating Pof Mature Dating Pof Meaning Casual Dating Without Commitment Pof Milf Dating Stes Pof Mobile Dating Site Pof Msf Dating Pof Muslim Dating App Pof on Line Dating Site Pof Online Dating Apk Pof Online Dating App Download Pof Online Dating Australia Pof Online Dating Elgin Pof Online Dating Horror Stories Pof Online Dating Log in Pof Online Dating Meaning Pof Online Dating Personals Service Pof Online Dating Protector Pof Online Dating Registration Pof Online Dating Search Pof Online Dating Success Stories Pof Online Dating Uk Pof Online Dating Winnipeg Pof Palatine Dating Pof Palatine Dating Female Pof Plenty of Fish Looking for Dating or Hang Out Pof Reading Dating Pof Rodeo Michigan Dating Pof Safe Dating Arrangement Pof Safe Dating Casual Verify Pof Safe Dating Review Pof Safe Online Dating Pof Salinas Dating Pof Secure Dating Login Pof Secured Dating Link Pof Settings Dating or Hang Out Pof Settings Dating or Hang Out Hookup Pof Sex Dating Forums Pof Single Dating Site Pof Speed Dating Calgary Pof Speed Dating Edmonton Pof Speed Dating Vancouver Pof Success Stories Dating Pof Tranny Dating Pof Usa Dating Sites Pof Username Search Dating Sites Pof Widow Ladies 70+ Dating City Bossier City 24 Year Old Female Dating Dating Website Female 49 Palatine Dating Free Dating Site Sign Up Free Online Dating Service for Singles Plenty of Fish My Hair Grows Fast Dating My Hair Grows Very Fast Dating Tm the Leading Free Online Dating Site for Singles Viewprofile City Bakersfield Ca 54 Year Old Female Dating Pof.comcom Free Online Dating Service for Singles Pof.comtm Free Dating Site Sign Up Pof.marure Dating Pof.mature Dating Port Macquarie Dating Pof Pregnant Pof Dating Quiceno Dating Miami Pof Raregem 2014 Dating Site Pof Raregem 2014 Online Dating Site Pof Raregem2014 Online Dating Site Pof Real Similar Aduld Dating Sites to Pof Reviews on Dating Site Pof Rita Williams Pof Dating Rock Music Dating Pof Ronnie Pof Dating Site Donaldsonville Rules of Dating Websites on Pof Meme Russian Pof Dating Scam Safe Dating Life Pof Safe Dating Meet Pof Safe Dating Services Pof Scam Salem Il Dating Pof Salisbury Dating Pof Sample Pof Dating Profile Sandra Pof Salinas Dating Saskatoon Dating Pof Scam You on Pof Dating Site Scotland Dating Pof Sebring Fl Dating Hookups Pof Secure Dating Certificate Pof Secure Dating Online Pof Secure Dating Pof Pro Security Dating Agreement Pof Senior Dating Site Totally Free Similar to Pof Separated Dating on Pof Separating Paragraphs Pof Dating App Sex Dating on Pof Sexbots on Pof Dating Sites Sexual Assault From Pof Dating App Sexual Assault From Pof Dating App in Chicago Siinilar Dating Sites to Pof Similar Adult Free Dating Sites to Pof Similar Dating Site Pof Similar Dating Site to Pof Similar Free Dating Site to Pof Single Free Dating Sites Pof Site City Connecticut 25 Year Old Female Dating Site City Connecticut 57 Year Old Female Dating Site City Connecticut 57 Year Old Male Dating Site City Torrington Connecticut 57 Year Old Female Dating Site City Torrington Connecticut 57 Year Old Male Dating Site Torrington Connecticut 57 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Connecticut 36 Year Old Male Dating Site Viewprofile City 10990 54 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Burnley 50 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City California 18 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City California 30 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City California 39 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City California 40 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City California 40 Year Old Male Dating Site Viewprofile City California 54 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Connecticut 20 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Connecticut 28 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Connecticut 28 Year Old Male Dating Site Viewprofile City Connecticut 31 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Connecticut 36 Year Old Male Dating Site Viewprofile City Connecticut 57 Male Dating Site Viewprofile City Connecticut 57 Year Old Male Dating Site Viewprofile City Culpepper 50 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Denver 63 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Kansas 31 Year Old Male Dating Site Viewprofile City Kentucky 18 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Kentucky 41 Year Old Male Dating Site Viewprofile City Louisville 19 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Oregon 36 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Pa 26 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Pennsylvania 25 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Pennsylvania 28 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Pennsylvania 30 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Pennsylvania 33 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Pennsylvania 40 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Redditch 40 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Redditch Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Scranton 40 Year Old Female Dating Site Viewprofile City Wisconsin 25 Year Old Female Dating Sites to Buy Hacked Pof Dating Account Sites to Buy Pof Dating Account Smilar Dating Site Like Pof Speed Dating on Pof Stacy Pof Scam Dating Stoke on Trent Dating Pof Sunshine66 Dating Pof Sunshine66 Dating Pof Grand Island Buffalo Sunshine66 Dating Pof Grand Island New York Sunshine66 Dating Pof Grand Island Ny Swindon Dating Pof Tastebuds Fm Dating Sites Pof Taylor Morrison Nh Pof Dating Site Taylor Morrison Vt Pof Dating Site Tess Mariah Leland Dating Profile Pof The Dating Site Pof The Guy I M Dating is Still on Pof Thinkinsomethin Pof Dating Site Timmins Dating Pof Top Free Online Dating Sites 2017 Like Pof Top Ten 100 Free Dating Sites Compared to Pof Totally Free Alternatives to Pof Dating Totally Free Dating Site Like Pof Totally Free European Dating Sites Pof Traverse City Dating Pof Truly 100 Free Dating Sites Like Pof Ttp Dating 1136 18 91 2cf743cf4-b0df-4c9a-bfe4-7c1f75a2cd35.2.jpg Ttps Dating 1150 81 23 41dc2fcf3-4a2b-425d-95c1-e1ad7a028eb5.jpg Types of Usernames for Pof Dating Undercover Pof Dating Site Sting Lincoln Nebraska Updated Pof Free Dating App V5.40 Unlimited Premium Username Search Free Online Dating Service for Singles Utica Pof Dating Site Was Pof a Christian Dating Site We Are Dating but He's Still on Pof We Both Hid Our Accounts in Pof While Were Dating What Does Casual Dating Mean on Pof What Does Dating on Pof Mean What Does Msf Dating Mean on Pof What Does Pof Dating but Nothing Serious Mean What Happens if I Give Email on Pof Dating Site What is a Catch on Pof Dating Site What is Dating a Pof What is Pof Online Dating What Online Dating Site is Better Pof or Zoosk What Vpn is Good to Open Pof Dating Site What's Another Dating Site Like Pof What's the Best Free Dating Site Besides Pof When to Give Phone Number Online Dating Pof When U Block Someone on Pof Dating App Where to Buy Pof Dating Account Which Asian Country Uses Dating Site Called Pof Mostly Which Dating Site Has More Fake Profiles Tinder or Pof Which Dating Site is Better Pof or Match Who is Pof Online Dating Service Wirral Dating Pof Women Dating Maine Pof Women Dating Rangeley Maine Pof Workman Dating Pof Alliance Oh Workman1974 Dating Pof Alliance Oh Worst Dating Sites Pof Www.pof Dating App Www.pof Free Online Dating Dating Website Yakima Dating Single Men Pof Yik Yak Dating Apps Pof Ystradgynlais Dating Pof دانلود Pof Free Dating App
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2020.07.27 12:45 27JJulbarium How to Find Someone on a Da-ting We-bsite ?

How to Find Someone on a Da-ting We-bsite ?
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Dating Website for Moms Dating Website for Music Lovers Dating Website for People With Stds Dating Website for Runners Dating Website for Visually Impaired Dating Website Fraud Dating Website Gift Card Dating Website Harley Riders Dating Website Headline Generator Dating Website Horror Stories Dating Website How About We Dating Website Lawsuit Dating Website Like Meetme Dating Website Myanmar Dating Website New Dating Website No Login Dating Website Offers Dating Website Plugin Dating Website Profile Questions Dating Website Sign Up Dating Website Success Story Dating Website to Meet Doctors Dating Website Username Generator Dating Websites Abroad Dating Websites and Apps Names Dating Websites Bristol Dating Websites Chat Rooms Dating Websites Dublin Dating Websites Edmonton Dating Websites for 14 Dating Websites for 40 Year Olds Dating Websites for 60 Year Olds Dating Websites for Adults With Learning Difficulties Dating Websites for Black Women Dating Websites for Muslim Converts Dating Websites for One Night Stands Dating Websites for Overweight Dating Websites for People Who Have Herpes Dating Websites for Ppl With Herpes Dating Websites for Social Anxiety Dating Websites for Walkers Dating Websites in Buffalo Ny Dating Websites in Florida Dating Websites in Ghana Dating Websites in Malawi Dating Websites in Nigeria Dating Websites in the Netherlands Dating Websites Just Lunch Dating Websites Lexington Ky Dating Websites Meet Me Dating Websites Over 55 Dating Websites Quora Dating Websites Top 20 Dating Websites Unblocked Dating Websites With Fish in It Dating Websites Young David Wheeler Dating Website Dh Dating Website Do Dating Websites Cost Money Dom Dating Website English Dating Website Eris Dating Website Ex Jw Dating Website Flirtomatic Dating Website Focus on the Family Dating Website Foot Fetish Dating Website Ftm Dating Website Funny Dating Website Headlines Galway Dating Websites Gay Dating Website for Professionals Gay Dating Websites 2018 Gay Dating Websites for 13 Year Olds Gay Dating Websites in Uk Gay Dating Websites Uk Gay Dating Websites Worldwide Ghost Dating Website Girl Dating Website Good Dating Website Descriptions Good Dating Websites for College Students Good Dating Websites That Are Free Google Free Dating Websites Gta 5 Websites Dating Hearing Impaired Dating Website Hinder Dating Website Hispanic Dating Websites How Much Money Do Dating Websites Make How Successful Are Dating Websites How to Set Up a Dating Website for Free How to Write Your Profile on a Dating Website Husband is on Dating Websites Ibs Dating Website Icoc Dating Website International Lesbian Dating Website Interracial Dating Website Uk Ipswich Dating Website Is There a Dating Website for Gamers Is There a Dating Website for Single Parents Isle of Man Dating Websites Italian Dating Website Free Jacked Dating Website Kamloops Dating Website Kanye West Dating Website Kelowna Dating Website Kentucky Dating Website Large Dating Website Lavalife Dating Website Legal Dating Website Legit Cougar Dating Websites Lesbian Dating Websites Canada Liberian Dating Website Link Dating Website Long Hair Dating Website Match Com Dating Websites Usa Matchxn Dating Website Matt Connolly Dating Website Mature Dating Websites Uk Meetup Dating Website Mexican Girl Dating Website Military Dating Websites Reviews Mississippi Dating Website Mister Dating Website Mixed Couple Dating Website Mlp Dating Website Most Popular Asian Dating Websites Most Popular Gay Dating Websites Most Popular Lesbian Dating Website Myanmar Dating Website Namibia Dating Website Nasty Dating Websites Older Women Younger Men Dating Website On Day Six Dating Website Online Sex Dating Website Our Time Dating Website Reviews Persian Dating Website Personals Dating Website Photography Dating Websites Php Dating Website Open Source Pinoy Dating Website Polish Dating Website Free Polish Dating Websites Polynesian Dating Website Pop Dating Website Popular Dating Websites for Young Adults Portland Oregon Dating Websites Prince Dating Website Reviews on Zoosk Dating Website Rinsing Dating Website Rock Dating Website Royalty Dating Website Rugby Dating Website Safe Casual Dating Website Review Safe Dating Website Scam Saudi Arabia Free Dating Website Scam Free Dating Websites School Dating Website Sd Dating Website Search Dating Websites for Your Partner's Email Shy Dating Website Sims 3 Dating Website Single Parent Dating Website Uk Sissy Dating Website Social Dating Websites Software to Create Dating Website Spanking Dating Websites Speed Dating Website Template Spiritual Passions Dating Website Successful Dating Websites Sugar Sugar Dating Website Suriname Dating Website Surrey Dating Website Sydney Asian Dating Website Taiwan Free Dating Website Tall Girl Dating Website Tattoo Dating Website Uk Telegraph Online Dating Website The League Dating Website Reviews The Onion Dating Website Tinder Dating Website Login Top 10 Dating Websites Australia Top 10 Dating Websites in China Top 5 Free Dating Websites Top 5 Sex Dating Websites Top Dating Website in Usa Top Dating Websites 2019 Top Dating Websites in Canada Top Free Dating Website Apps Top Free Dating Websites Top Free Uk Dating Websites Top Senior Dating Websites Top Sex Dating Websites Top Totally Free Dating Websites Top Us Dating Websites Totally Free Dating Websites in India Uniform Dating Website Uk Victoria Hearts Dating Website Video Dating Website Washington Dc Dating Websites Websites for Online Dating Free Weird Online Dating Websites What is a Good Free Dating Website What is Tinder Safe Dating Website What to Put on a Dating Website Profile White Dating Website World of Warcraft Dating Website Worldwide Dating Website Writers Dating Website Xpickup Dating Website Yellow Dating Website 100 Free Disabled Dating Websites 100 Free Sex Dating Websites 60 Plus Dating Websites A Very Special Dating Website Walkthrough About Me Dating Website Absolutely Free Online Dating 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Older singles lose millions in online dating scams - YouTube Online Dating & Relationship Advice : About Online Dating Services in Ontario The World's leading Muslim marriage service, find your partner online. Warning Using Muslim Matrimonial Sites  Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn Somali Dating Spot - YouTube SingleMuslim Live Stream Top 10 Matrimonial Sites in India Muslim And Looking For Love (Dating Documentary)  Real ... Woman says she lost more than $1 million in online dating ...

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  1. Older singles lose millions in online dating scams - YouTube
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With Valentine's Day just a day away, the FBI is warning of online dating scams. The bureau received more than 15,000 reports linked to romance scams last ye... FULL SERVICES 13Usd Relaxing & Good Services Cos Barber Shop Vietnam Services. ... Top 10 Free Online Muslim Dating Sites For 2017 - Best Free Dating Websites List - Duration: 4:09. If you're young, single and Muslim, finding love is getting increasingly difficult. Qualifications, height, job prospects and even complexion are high on the... The 10 Happiest Countries To Live In The World 2019 - Seen as the World’s Safest Countries - Duration: 10:05. Around The World Recommended for you apnahumsafar matrimonial services 1,292 views. 1:12. ... Top 10 Free Online Muslim Dating Sites For 2017 - Best Free Dating Websites List - Duration: 4:09. Online Dating 12,904 views. Free online dating and matchmaking service for singles. Arabs, Somalis, Muslims, Start online dating with Sign up and Find your Muslim ... When looking for online dating services for people in Ontario, someone can try, or personal ads. ... Dating Tips & Online Dating : About Muslim Dating Sites ... Single Muslim is the World’s leading Muslim marriage service. Register now and use our quick search to find other Muslim singles online in your area. Find your partner the halal way and complete ... More than 6,400 Americans say they were scammed after visiting dating websites in the second half of last year. The FBI is saying those people lost massive a... The Full Circle panel talks about former dating rituals and how today many people are using online dating to meet their match. They also interview Sam Moorcroft (5:45), co-founder of the Christian ...